On a side note… Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort!

This blog is a place for me to journal my journey as I write and hopefully publish my first book series. However, I am choosing to deviate from that path just this once. My amazing husband and I just celebrated seven years together, and in doing so we took a vacation, as most couples do. We went down to Destin, and I soooooo recommend it! However, I have very few good words to say for the resort we stayed at, the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.

Where do I start? Well, first off the room was more of a condo than a hotel, which would be good for family vacations, but not really for a romantic couples retreat. Secondly the paint was pealing off the ceiling and walls in more than one location, the inside of the shower curtain was moldy, and the balcony railing was about to fall off. We were eleven floors up, so having the railing fall while we gazed out at the beautiful ocean view wouldn’t have been a “good time”.

I will say this though, when we had to call maintenance on the second morning (not fun) because the tub wouldn’t drain, it only took them an hour to get there and fix it. So, woo hoo for the maintenance crew.  Although, honestly, for the price we were spending we should never have had to call maintenance. We were only there three nights… hello!!!

Okay, that is my rant. I would like them to call me and give me a free three night (weekend please) stay to make up for the issues we had while we were there, but I highly doubt that would ever happen.

Behind Locked Doors – Eternity…

At the youthful age of 15 she was already a lady in the eyes of society. When her grandparents made the decision to move her to the new world she was frightened yet excited by this new adventure. The Titanic was a grand ship more beautiful than anything she had ever seen both inside and out. The moment she stepped aboard her life was changed forever.

Her heart skipped a beat as his cold hand gently brushed across hers and his piercing eyes seemed to reach into her soul stealing her love forever. He appeared to be her age, but something in his eyes gave away a wisdom far beyond her years. They were inseparable from the start. To her it felt like he was the piece of her heart she had always been missing.

As fear struck the hearts of everyone around them and the ship began to sink Eric offered her life after death. With just one kiss they would be together for all eternity. In her gutt she knew it was more than that, and still she didn’t care. Like a dagger his teeth slid into her throat, and she was out. She woke up laying in his arms, surrounded by nothing but sand and ocean.

Eternity was going to be a very long time…

(c) Copyright Soden, Nina 2011