National Novel Writing Month

Okay, so I’ve recently discovered that November is National Novel Writing Month! People all around the world will be powering up their computers, sharpening their pencils, pounding the keys, and thinking out of the box to put their creative thoughts on paper or the screen with the single goal of completing a 50,000 word (or more) novel.

Alas, I am no different. I love a challenge as much as the next person.

Over the last several weeks… Months… I stepped away from my story, and having taken time away I now feel prepared to start fresh with my previous outline as a guide.

My plan of action…
Rest, finish the play I am currently in, and then starting November 1st I will open a new clean fresh word document, type ‘Chapter One’ and the rest will be history!

Okay, maybe I’m just hoping that if I announce my goal online for all the world to read, or just my two subscribers, maybe I will be pushed to follow through. It isn’t that I don’t follow through on things it’s just that as busy as I am I rarely find time to enjoy a quiet moment alone let alone hours a day to type. However, this November shall be different! That is my end of year, new years resolution!!! Considering my birthday is on the horizon calling it a new years resolution kinda makes sense.

BTW – it is not easy to type a blog post on my phone! LOL

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