Allergic to E Challenge

There is this new “Allergic to E Challenge” going around online. It’s a fun little game for authors, bloggers, and anyone else who fancies themselves fond of writing. How did I learn of the challenge? Well, Jonas Lee, a fellow author on GoodReads decided to tag me in his post and in so doing has challenged me.

I accept your challenge!

The Allergic to E challenge challenges a writer to construct a paragraph (4 to 6 sentences) without using the letter “E”. Sounds easy, right? NO, NO IT IS NOT! However, I did give it my best try, which you can read below.

The Rules:

  1. Write an entire paragraph without any word containing the letter “e”
  2. If you are reading this you are already signed up
  3. Make sure to link back to the challenges creator Redefining Random.
  4. Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered a failure.
  5. If you fail or pass, suffer in the Page of Lame.
  6. If you win, wallow in the Page of Fame.

Now, the fun part, I get to pass the torture onward.

Hit List:

Marie Lavender

Ashlee North

Kim Zoot Holmes

Garry Abbott

Keith Parker

My “Allergic to E Challenge” Attempt:

My brain contains a world, of its own fashioning, cast from imagination, inspiration, and originality. It is a crazy Nirvana, full of fairyland animations that occupy all of my waking thoughts. With a vivacious passion for artistic satisfaction I am thrust into a fanatical, almost manic compulsion to purify my mind. With gusto my hand scripts with ink to lay out my thoughts. My spirits soar as my visions bud, soon to blossom. Individuals, both mortal and immortal, form to spark my mood and impact my writing. It’s as if I’m watching a play unfurl. A plot builds and conflict grows, but what is born of this pursuit is distinct and rich. A manuscript, rough and awkward but of my own making. Following a bit of tidying up, and a book is born. A book, which brings joy to my soul that can only match that of admiration. This world is not for all, but within it, I find my gifts.


If anyone else feels like giving the challenge a go (or my nominees don’t feel like doing a full blog post), feel free to try posting your comments below, but make sure you don’t use the letter E! Good luck!

The Next Big Thing

the next best1

A Marketing Opportunity for Us All

I want to thank Lois Stern for this neat marketing idea and pass it along to all of you. Here is a way to help market yourself while helping your fellow authors. The basic idea is to respond to ten questions about a book or story you just published or are about to publish.

Would you like to be featured on my AUTHORS’ HALL OF FAME?

If so, just follow the numbered directions toward the bottom of this screen.


(More to come)

Meet Lois W. Stern


Books by Lois W. Stern

T2I_emerald_coverSapphire_fr.cov T2I_Topaz_fr.cover slcs_cover_gold_lg TTSC_cover_300


Author Bio

After twenty years as an active educator, Lois W. Stern continued to pursue her love of writing, soon becoming co-editor of a popular Long Island web-zine. As she created and authored her column Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives, she solidified her special niche of investigative journalism and put those same talents to work while writing her first full length book,  Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery. She followed up with her second book, Tick, Tock, Stop the Clock. – Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour  to address many of the less invasive paths to beauty. Watch this candid interview with Lois on The Writers’ Dream Show to learn more about these books.

After completing her two books on aesthetics, Lois began writing what she calls ‘Inner Beauty’ stories – inspiring stories to touch the heart and soul. She initiated her Tales2Inspire™ “Authors Helping Authors” project/contest as a means of sharing inspirational messages written by authors from across the globe. One of her goals has been to help talented writers build solid author platforms while highlighting them in a variety of ways to further their paths to discovery.

To learn more Lois and this project: Visit her website at 

See more at:            

Meet Nina Soden


Books by Nina Soden

Awaken - Cover Beginnings_-_Cover Revenge_-_ResizeCover Sector C Book 1 Front 3.25.15


Author Bio

Nina has always been creative, be it art, theatre, film – anything but singing… she stresses that that is something you don’t want to hear! She earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Theatre Arts with a minor in Military Science from Eastern Michigan University before heading off to Los Angeles like so many other starry-eyed actors in pursuit of fame and fortune in tinsel-town. While there, she worked to pay the bills but her love was always acting. She was actually able to achieve some level of success, mostly in commercials and independent films, but she considers those experiences as some of the best in her life.

After some major life changes, the publication of her first book entitle PRIVATE WORDS UNSPOKEN, a compilation of poetry, and a major cross-country move she moved from poetry to short stories and then to novels. Since then, her literary interests have grown and she would like to think her storytelling abilities have improved. She has done everything from office administration, to business development, to being the Director of a private preschool. She has jumped out of a C130 aircraft, fired an M16 machine gun, and given birth – TWICE! But no matter where she is in life, she always returns to her art.

Though she’ll forever be a Michigan girl at heart, she now lives in the South where she is married with two wonderful children. Is she isn’t working on her latest story you can find her lounging with a good book, playing with her kids, or indulging in her unhealthy addiction to Starbucks coffee.

To learn more about Nina Soden and her books you can check out her blog, or follow her on one or all of the various internet/social media sites.




Hall of Fame Directions

  1. Post your responses to the interview questions about your book on your own blog page.                                                                          (See sample interview questions and answers)
  2. Add my name, Nina Soden, my bio, book images and headshot to your blog page and link them  back to this page.
  3. After completing steps 1 and 2, above, send me the following:
  • The URL of your completed blog page
  • Attachment images of a) you, the author b) and your book images
  • Your author bio

4.  Send this blog to five or more other writers.

5.  Each time you forward this message to someone, start with: “I want to thank  . . .” sentence as seen above, substituting my name, Nina Soden, for the one currently appearing in that first sentence.

6.  Ask them to substitute your name for mine as they send out notices to their circle.

7. Tell them to post this same content on their website or blog, adding their images, URL links, bio and their answers to the same interview questions.

8. Ask the writers you invite to substitute your name in the “I want to thank” sentence at the beginning of this posting and include a link to your blog, before completing the interview questions.

9.  They, in turn, link to five other writers, and the cycle continues.

I will add the first ten authors who complete my AUTHORS’ HALL OF FAME instructions above and e-mail me @ with all the information listed in step 3 above – Please put “Author’s Hall Of Fame” in the subject line of your email.

Interview Questions for the Next Big Thing!


(When you post this interview on your blog, don’t forget to substitute your book image and answers for mine.)

Awaken - Cover Beginnings_-_Cover Revenge_-_ResizeCover Sector C Book 1 Front 3.25.15

* What is the title of your book(s) (or story/stories)?

My Blood Angel series books are titled: Awaken (book 1), Beginnings (book 2), and Revenge (book 3)

My SECTOR C Series books are titled: The Chosen (book 2) and The Hunted (book 2 – coming soon)

* Where did the idea come from for these books?

I have always loved the supernatural/paranormal stories. I’m a huge fan of horror films that include vampires, witches, shapeshifters, zombies, and anything out of the realm of normal possibilities. Because of that, my writing doesn’t sway too far from the supernatural and paranormal.

The Blood Angel Series takes place in Atlanta, Michigan, a small town in the northern part of the lower peninsula, where I spent most of my summers as a child. I have always had a very active imagination and spending so much time camping and being outdoors I think my childhood plays a big part in how I write.

* What genre do your books fall under?

Young Adult Supernatural/Paranormal Fiction

* What is the one to two-sentence synopsis of your book(s)?

  • Awaken: What if everything you thought you knew about yourself and the world turned out to be wrong?
  • Beginnings: Would you give up everything and everyone you knew in life, just to survive your destiny? What if you didn’t have a choice?
  • Revenge:  Dying in her father’s arms only to awaken in a pool of blood, surrounded by the mutilated corpses of those she loved most, who could blame Alee for what she did next? Wouldn’t you seek REVENGE?
  • SECTOR C ~ The Chosen: When your only choices are vampirism, lycanthropy, breeder, blood donor, or banishment to the Wastelands, what choice do you really have?

* Will your book(s) be self-published or represented by an agency? I self-published all of my books through Create Space (paperbacks) and BookTango (eBooks).

I self-published all of my books through Create Space (paperbacks) and BookTango (eBooks).

* How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

The first book in the Blood Angel Series, Awaken, took about one and a half years from start to finish (published). The others came a bit more quickly, but I have published one book per year since 2012 when Awaken was published.

The first book in the SECTOR C Series, The Chosen, took one month to write the first draft, but from start to finish (published) it took five months. I am working on book 2, The Hunted, right now, and I am about 22 chapters in writing my first draft.

* What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

With the Blood Angel Series I would say; The Vampire Diaries, the House of Night Series, the Morganville Vampires Series, and other YA supernatural books.

With the SECTOR C Series I think a quote from one of the reviews I received says it best: “Think of a recipe that has a dash of Hunger Games, a pinch of Mystic Falls and a splash of Divergent. Then mix it all thoroughly with Nina’s flair of the supernatural and you have a great novel called Sector C.”

* Who or what inspired you to start writing?

I started writing poetry when I was pretty young. Then, as I got older (college and after) I started acting. The idea of becoming different characters, be it through theatre or film, helped to expand my writing from just poetry into screenplays. After I had left Los Angeles, I began writing short stories and then novels.


Don’t forget to add at least five more authors to the network by linking to them on your blog.

You can contact me at

Good luck with your marketing!