Here Comes The Sun-perhaps?

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Here comes the sun-perhaps?  is Brian Wilson’s third book of short stories. This collection of 33 short stories based in six very different countries provides for light entertaining – some thought provoking and others humorous. Check out what others have to say in their reviews of this book at:

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to journey down the roads of life. Hold on tight and beware of the twists and turns on the way.  Enjoy stories based in New Zealand, England, China, Japan, Fiji, and India.  As one reviewer put it, “do not miss these stories if you like easy reading anecdotes that go very well with a cup of hot chocolate in a warm room on a relaxing Sunday afternoon”.


Brian Wilson has written three books of short stories:

Moments in Time, Bumpy Roads, and Here Comes the Sun –Perhaps?

Brian Wilson is a New Zealander who likes to travel the world and in the past to explore the New Zealand mountains. He has recently returned from a trip to China, Japan and Korea and next month is off for several weeks in Sydney, Australia. Married with three adult children, Brian took early retirement from a job as an investigator to write. He has a Masters of Arts Degree (honours) as well as accounting and management qualifications.

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The Hunted (SECTOR C #2) – Book Tour Schedule

 Sector C The Hunted - Front Cover

I am so excited to share my newest novel The Hunted (SECTOR C #2) with everyone. Below is my scheduled book tour events. I hope to add more dates as we get closer to the release on October 31st.

September 18th Cover Reveal

September 21st – Book Release Announcement

September 23rdAuthor Interview

October 14th – EvilCheezProductions Author Interview

October 15th – Book Announcement

October 19th – Private Author Appearance – Local Elementary School

October 23rd – Article

October 23rd – Author Appearance at the Rocket City Nerd Con 4:00 pm-9:00 pm

October 24th – Author Appearance at the Rocket City Nerd Con 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

October 25th – Author Appearance at the Rocket City Nerd Con 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

October 30th – Author Interview on

October 30th – Author Interview on

October 30th – Author Interview

October 31st – RELEASE DATE

Thank you to all my readers and those to come.

 Sector C The Chosen - Front Cover  Sector C The Hunted - Front Cover

Cover Reveal – The Hunted (book 2 ~ The SECTOR C Series)

I am so thrilled to reveal the cover for The Hunted (SECTOR C #2). Please add the novel to your “to-read” list on Goodreads today, and check back on my website,, for more exciting news between now and October 16th when the book is released!

Sector C - The Hunted Front Cover

In the future, most of the world is governed by a council of vampires and lycanthropes. Sector residents are offered the freedom to live as they desire provided they stay and abide by the laws handed down.

After being jolted awake by the blaring screech of the sector alarm, Zelina is dragged from her bed, gagged, and tied to a chair. Confronted with the brutal murder of one of her former classmates, she realizes that all eyes are on her as the primary suspect. Whether she was involved or not doesn’t matter.

In the eyes of most sector residents, and most Council Members, Zelina is already a pariah—feared for the powers she will certainly come to possess. For she is the first human known to have both vampire and lycanthrope blood flowing through her veins.

Zelina will find herself on a gripping adventure that will take her beyond the borders she’s known all her life in an attempt to save those she loves—and herself from becoming The Hunted.

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August 2015 in Review

Well, August was an epic fail in terms of social media marketing. But, such is life.

So, back in July I made the decision to start focusing on marketing. I did awesome – back in July. August, however, was not a great success. In fact, I would say it was pretty much an epic fail.

Without further ado, let us take a look at the raw data.


  • Blog Posts – 3 (I was shooting for 7, but I only posted 3. I guess maybe I should aim lower next time. How about 6 in September, let’s double down!)
  • Fiction Writing – In July I completed the manuscript for SECTOR C ~ The Hunted. In August, The Hunted went through the first stages of the editing process (Beta Readers) and plenty of re-writes from me.


  • Reading:
    • I started reading GREY by EL James. No, it is not YA, but I don’t just read YA. I have not finished it yet.
  • Finished:
    • This was a slow month for reading. I haven’t finished any books, but that is because I was more focused on edits.


Aug 2015 Stats



  • SECTOR C ~ The Hunted – Book 2 of the SECTOR C Series will be out late October/early November. It is currently with the editor, but I will post a blurb soon, so be watching.
  • Author Event- I will be attending the Rocket City Nerd Con in October 2015 and will have copies of all of my books available for purchase.
  • YA FICTION NEWSLETTER – The 2nd instalment of my quarterly newsletter all about young adult fiction will be out sometime in November. It will include reading suggestions, reviews, author tips, etc. I hope you will sign up and join the mailing list (I WILL NOT SPAM) to check it out. I will also be doing Newsletter Subscriber Giveaways too. Sign up by clicking HERE .

I’ve linked to all of my social media sites throughout this post, so please help my numbers grow in August!! Friend, Like, Subscribe, and as always, please share my posts with your friends. Lastly, thank you to anyone who follows me and especially to those of you who have read through this entire post. I know it was long, but I think we all need a little accountability in our life. Putting everything out there, is how I hope to keep myself motivated to do all this marketing stuff everyone keeps telling me I need to do.

The 777 Challenge


Jonas Lee, the awesome SciFi author of A Time to ReapA Time to Live, and the hopefully soon to be released A Time to Die has so kindly tagged me in the 777 Challenge. The point of the challenge is to share seven lines from the seventh page of your current work-in-progress then tag seven writers to do the same. I’m sharing a portion of The Hunted, the 2nd book in my SECTOR C Series. It’s a conversation going between the Sector Leader, Councilman Remy, and the rest of the Council members.

“We are all well aware of what the child is,” Remy said.

I’m not a child! I decided not to argue, though. I was already in enough trouble—besides, it wouldn’t have done me any good.

“What she is capable of is still undetermined. We have all heard Britt’s testimony, and although I have respected her opinion in the past, in this situation I do not agree with her recommendations. I also feel that she is no longer capable of maintaining an unbiased assessment of the situation.” Serenity became restless, turned away, and leaned against the far wall. She was struggling not to argue her point again. “This is not the first murder we have covered up in Sector C and I am confident it will not be the last.”

Serenity couldn’t stop herself. “Sir, you can’t possibly—”

Writers I have selected to play:

Heather Marie Schuldt

Shelley Workinger

Shayla Lee Raquel

Jennifer Bolling-Johnson

Stephanie Nett

Anita Merando

Tammy Spruill