Week 26 – #WritingWednesday Challenge

Today is the 26th Edition of #WritingWednesday!!!

Remember, #WritingWednesday is an EASY, STRESS-FREE, weekly writing challenge.

  • Read the writing prompt below,
  • Spend 5 minutes writing (in your own voice or the voice of a character you’re writing) whatever comes to mind,

The goal is 5 minutes of creativity.

Today I am writing in the voice of Stella, one of the characters in the novel I am currently outlining. I’m not sure if this will be a selection in the novel, or just part of my character development journal.

Today’s writing prompt:

Complete this thought: “I wish an alarm would notify me whenever…”

I wish an alarm would notify me whenever it was time to wake up and go to school. I’m twelve years old and I haven’t been to school in almost two years.

I miss it.

It’s funny, when I was going to school every day, I hated it. Sure, I liked seeing my friends and recess of course, but sitting in a class, listening to the teacher talk all day… I can’t say I enjoyed that.

But now, I miss it.

I guess you always miss the things you can’t have; the things that are taken away to early.

You see, where I’m from, if they find out you have powers that can be useful to the government, like mine, you’re carted away to the Operation Atlas headquarters. I’m one of four watchmen with the power of telepathic perception. Basically, it is the ability to receive information from another mind. It’s more complicated than that, but you get the picture.

I have alarms that wake me up, tell me when to eat, when to leave for work, when to sleep, and just about everything else. My movements are monitored and I can’t do anything out of order or without permission. For once, I’d love to sleep late, skip a meal, play outside, or just go to school.

There are times, first thing in the morning before I even open my eyes, that I forget where I’m at. I forget about the ten-foot by ten-foot whitewash room they keep me in. I forget that I’m not just another normal kid. Those first few seconds of the day are my favorite. But lately, they’ve been happening less and less. I think I’ve started to forget… forget my past, my friends, even my family.

© 2019 Nina Soden

Alright, now it’s your turn. I’d love to see what today’s writing prompt inspires in you. So, if you are willing, go to the comment section below and start typing. Take 5 minutes and let’s see what you come up with! 

Complete this thought: “I wish an alarm would notify me whenever…”

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