Nothing Good Happens After Midnight (giveaway)

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight (A Suspense Magazine Anthology) ~ Genre: Suspense, Thriller

Edited by Jeffery Deaver with stories by Jeffery Deaver, Joseph Badal, Linwood Barclay, Rhys Bowen, Heather Graham, Alan Jacobson, Paul Kemprecos, Shannon Kirk, Jon Land, John Lescroart, D.P. Lyle, Kevin O’ Brien, and Hank Phillippi Ryan

The sun sets. The moon takes its place, illuminating the most evil corners of the planet. What twisted fear dwells in that blackness? What legends attach to those of sound mind and make them go crazy in the bright light of day? Only Suspense Magazine knows…

Teaming up with New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver, Suspense Magazine offers up a nail-biting anthology titled: “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight.” This thrilling collection consists of thirteen original short stories representing the genres of suspense/thriller, mystery, sci-fi/fantasy, and more.

Readers’ favorites come together to explore the mystery of midnight. The ‘best of the best’ presenting these memorable tales, include: Joseph Badal, Linwood Barclay, Rhys Bowen, Jeffery Deaver, Heather Graham, Alan Jacobson, Paul Kemprecos, Shannon Kirk, Jon Land, John Lescroart, D. P. Lyle, Kevin O’Brien, and Hank Phillippi Ryan.

Take their hands…walk into their worlds…but be prepared to leave the light on when you’re through. After all, this incredible gathering of authors, who will delight fans of all genres, not only utilized their award-winning imaginations to answer that age-old question of why “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight”—they also made sure to pen stories that will leave you…speechless.


INTRODUCTION by Jeffery Deaver
12:01 AM By Alan Jacobson
Cell Phone Intolerant by Kevin O'Brien
All Aboard by Hank Phillippi Ryan
Gone Forever by Joseph Badal
Night Shift by Linwood Barclay
Midnight in the Garden of Death by Heather Graham
The Sixth Decoy by Paul Kemprecos
A Creative Defense by Jeffery Deaver
After Midnight by Rhys Bowen
Easy Peasey by John Lescroart
TONIC by D.P. Lyle
Tonight is the Night by Shannon Kirk
ATM by Jon Land

Review From Publisher’s Weekly:

Most of the 13 all-original tales in this superlative anthology are unified by strange or unpleasant incidences occurring after the stroke of midnight. In contrast, Alan Jacobson’s thrilling “12:01 AM,” about a kidnapper patterning himself after a serial killer on death row, defies the perception that nothing good happens after midnight, as does John Land’s “ATM,” a redemption tale of a young man sent on a series of vague quests to improve people’s lives. Of special distinction are Linwood Barclay’s sublime nail-biter, “Night Shift,” about a newspaperman trying to stop a late-night caller from going on a killing spree, and Kevin O’Brien’s “Cell Phone Intolerant,” a darkly amusing vigilante tale of an anti–cell phone zealot whose crusade to punish inconsiderate people has shocking repercussions. Other standouts include Heather Graham’s disquieting spine-chiller, “Midnight in the Garden of Death,” in which high schoolers spend the night in a cemetery, and Deaver’s supernatural gothic, “A Creative Defense,” which underscores the power of music. This volume is guaranteed to keep readers burning the midnight oil well into the wee hours.

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Additional Praise:

“Something very good happens after midnight…just pick up this brilliant book and be transported—and very afraid!”

—Peter James, UK #1 Bestselling Author of the Detective Superintendent Roy Grace Series

NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER MIDNIGHT is a treat—dark, chilling, and delicious. Grab it.”

—Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award-Winning Author of The Dark Corners of the Night

NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER MIDNIGHT proves that the witching hour still has the power to haunt in this suspenseful collection of stories by luminaries in the literary world. Inventive, twisted, and downright chilling, here is an anthology to be savored—well past midnight and into the dead of night.”

—James Rollins, #1 New York Times Bestseller of The Last Odyssey

“This anthology showcases some of the best talent in the thriller genre—or in any genre. Whether quirky or creepy, each story displays the talent and uniqueness of its author. And since all are so good, this collection is a delightful read.”

—Sandra Brown, #1 New York Times Bestseller of Thick as Thieves

“If you like intrigue and suspense, you’ll love this salmagundi of tense tales from some of today’s short story masters. This book is guaranteed to keep you awake until midnight and beyond.”

—Steven James, Bestselling Author of The Bowers Files

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight is loads of fun. The stories from this lineup of all-star authors are a blast to read, with plenty of neck-snapping twists and heart-stopping thrills that will keep you turning pages way past the title’s witching hour.”

—Boyd Morrison, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“Readers rarely get a gift such as this—a superb collection from the giants of mystery and suspense.”

—Robert Dugoni, Bestselling Author of the Tracy Crosswhite Series

“Midnight is the magic switch. Safe becomes dangerous, good becomes evil, quiet turns raucous. When the clock strikes twelve in NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER MIDNIGHT, a talented crew of writers unleashes a maelstrom of thrills so intense, you will never sleep again. Unputdownable!” 

—K.J. Howe, International Bestselling Author of SKYJACK

NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER MIDNIGHT is a treasure chest of novelties, curiosities and gems. From Kevin O’Brien’s ‘Cell Phone Intolerant’ to Shannon Kirk’s ‘Tonight is the Night’ and Jon Land’s heartfelt ‘ATM,’ you’ll never step outside at night in quite the same way.”

—Joseph Finder, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Nick Heller Series

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Jeff Pollak ~ Author Interview

Jeff Pollak, author of First Second Coming, first had the idea for his debut novel on 9/11 as he watched the World Trade Center collapse. In this interview find out all about Jeff’s writing process and get a glimpse into the world of First Second Coming!

Check out Jeff’s book, First Second Coming, below!

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Born at Dawn by Christina Davis (giveaway)

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. That means, when you purchase a book using an Amazon link on this site, I earn an affiliate commission. All commission earnings go back into funding my books; editing, cover design, etc.

Born at Dawn Cover by Ruxandra Tudorica

Born At Dawn (Da’Valia Trilogy Book 1) by Christina Davis ~ Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure

When a heist goes terribly wrong and the binding spell holding 17-year-old Neva’s powers at bay is shattered, the half-human thief knows she’s in trouble.

Neva has always hidden her Da’Valian heritage while working risky jobs to make a name for herself and serving at her family’s tavern, but she won’t be able to hide much longer. She can either risk the safety of those she cares about or seek out her mother’s people to gain control over her emerging powers.

The Da’Valia are beautiful, brutal creatures created by the god of war, and the austere Da’Valian soldier Astiand reluctantly agrees to take Neva to his clan under his protection. She makes unexpected friends, including the handsome fighter Emiliand, and a new enemy in the clan’s ruthless leader.

Spying on her guardian, the sly heroine quickly discovers just how deep she has stumbled into a dangerous, developing clan feud.

Will she be able to embrace who she is in time to keep her loved ones safe?

⚠ This book is about a race of warriors and contains violent scenes, which may not be suitable for all audiences.

Here’s what early readers of BORN AT DAWN had to say…

• “It’s so good!!! I’m slightly obsessed ♥ …I need more Astiand and Neva moments” ★★★★★

• “I always wanted to read more and struggled to put the book down” ★★★★★

• “I adored the book. It’s unique, and the characters are incredible.” ★★★★★

• “The pacing of the plot was one of the things that impressed me when reading this book: from the high-tension beginning, to the way world-building details were strung seamlessly … every chapter left me eager to read more without making me feel as if I was being constantly strung along by cliffhangers.” ★★★★

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Christina Davis was raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and she spent much of her childhood in and out of hospitals, embracing reading as an escape. After being home-schooled through high school, she graduated summa cum laude from San Jose State University and attended NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute before embarking on a decade-long career in journalism. She enjoys chocolate, cosplay, coffee, and board games, but not necessarily in that order. She now lives in beautiful Monterey County with her husband and daughter.

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What inspired you to write this book?

The main thing that inspired me to write this book was Lilith Saintcrow’s Dante Valentine series. I know it’s strange to say an commercial urban fantasy series inspired you to write an epic fantasy series for new adult readers, but it did. Her story, the romance, and the imagery made me fall in love with an idea, which would be a spoiler for the third book of the trilogy, so I won’t go into that here. But, basically, reading good books is really inspirational for me.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Well, I have the second and third books in the Da’Valia Trilogy drafted, and I am working on editing them with the intent to publish the second book, Blood, Fire & Mercy, in 2021 and the third book by 2022. Beyond that, I have so many ideas floating around in my mind… choosing one will be hard.

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in BORN AT DAWN?

Yes! Neva Roberts is the main character of Born at Dawn. She’s 17 and working three jobs to help support her family. She’s super closed off, even from those closest to her, because she’s a half-blood and her mother raised her to hide the non-human side. But Neva is also pretty kick-ass. She moonlights as a thief, she enjoys competing in knife-throwing tournaments, and she operates in a moral gray area. Her biggest struggle in the first book is self-acceptance. The secondary characters are her human family and gang of thieves, and then as the book progresses, the Da’Valia, who are essentially battle demons that were created by the god of war.

There’s a couple of love interests, and each is really a reflection of some part of Neva. There’s her thieving friend, Adam, who she grew up with; her Da’Valian guardian, Astiand, who is your typical alpha male; and a Da’Valian soldier, Emiliand, who is your “gray shirt” guy. I don’t want to say too much about him because I know I’ll give something away, but he speaks to Neva in a way different from the other guys.

How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?

OK, tell me if you’ve heard this one before – I started by pulling pieces of paper out of a hat. Seriously. When I finished college, I knew I wanted to write a book, and I needed some direction. I pulled out an occupation (thief) and a race (demon). Only I didn’t really want to write about a demon, so I decided to put my own spin on it. I wanted to create a people who complemented each other in a sort of yin and yang way. I also wanted them to be super honorable, courageous, valiant… And so the Da’Valia were born.

The hilans, the males of the race, have dark skin, hair, and horns. Their power is a night-sky black. But then on the other hand, the majilas, the females of the race, have white hair, skin and horns. Their power is sun-white and bright. They can use their powers together after a holy rite. I wanted the Da’Valia to be naturally fierce and brutal and purposefully proper and honorable.

Most of the Da’Valia characters were born out of these concepts. I didn’t even necessarily plan that Neva would operate in such a moral gray area, but I love that it worked out this way. She’s a half-breed, so it would only make sense that she does things a little differently.

Where did you come up with the names in the story?

This question makes me laugh because I only recently realized what a name nerd I am. I have four different baby name books that I reference, and I owned them all long before I ever even thought about becoming a mom. The human names in the book were chosen to evoke a certain feel, one of high fantasy in a northern ice city. For the Da’Valian names, I built my own simple naming convention – guys have “and” on the end of their names and girls have “zhi” on the ends of their names. Surnames among the Da’Valia include a clan marker and a word derived from Spanish that often might hint at what type of person the character is.

How did you come up with the title of your first novel?

Oh my. Titles are hard for writers, and I ran through so many options before I settled on BORN AT DAWN. Eventually, I asked myself, “what is the theme of the book?” and then I looked for a phrase that embodied the theme. Since majilas, female Da’Valia, were created by the god of war at dawn and Neva’s journey is one of self-acceptance, Born at Dawn became the title.

Who designed your book covers?

Ruxandra Tudorica of Methyss Art. She’s an artistic goddess. Her process is super interesting, beginning with a stock image of a model, progressing with 3D stock images of clothing, hair, weapons, etc. Then, she digitally paints over it to turn it into an illustration and she adds the background elements. I can’t recommend her highly enough. When I look at the cover of Born of Dawn, I feel like this character who I’ve gotten to know so intimately over the years, has truly come to life.

Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?

I learned a lot in the process of writing this book and this trilogy. I read so many books about plotting, took classes, challenged myself, asked other people to challenge me… My beta readers who tore into the first several chapters were perhaps the most helpful. I was able to learn from their constructive criticism and apply it throughout the book.

My husband also works in quality assurance and is one of the most critical people I know, so I asked him to be my consistency editor. During his paternity leave, we’d sit down at night or during nap time and go over his comments to troubleshoot them. In the process, I realized I couldn’t fake things or explain them away with magic. I needed to make sure every decision could be backed up if it was challenged. Rest assured, every decision in Born at Dawn can be defended! Haha. Anyway, now I feel as if my brain is wired differently, because as I write, I think to myself, could I defend this choice to my husband? And if the answer is no, I try again.

Anything specific you want to tell your readers?

Just, thank you so much for trusting a new indie author to take you on an adventure. I hope you love the book as much as I do!

What is your favorite part of this book and why?

So there are two scenes that I ADORE, but I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say that the Da’Valia are a passionate race and Neva’s relationship with a certain hilan (a male Da’Valia) gives me all the good feels.

Disclaimer: The book is mild steamy – no actual smut takes place (and sorry if the word “smut” offended anyone. I think you either love the term or hate it, and I prefer to embrace it!).

If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

It would absolutely be Neva. We’d hang out, throw knives, and maybe get into trouble with her invisibility glamour.

Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

I have one character in Book 3 who was largely inspired by a friend of my parents growing up, but everyone else is from my imagination.

Have you written any other books that are not published?

Oh, yes, and they will never see the light of day! Haha. I wrote them when I was a teenager, so while I look back on them fondly, they really were the stepping stones to becoming the writer I am today.

If your book had a candle, what scent would it be?

Mmm… Something wintery or minty.

What did you edit out of this book?

I edited out two different beginnings to get things going right on Page 1. In one deleted beginning, Neva was meeting up with the crime lord who gave her a job, and in the another, she was on the job infiltrating a tower. The opening I went with, where she’s interrupted mid-job, seemed like a lot more fun.

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by K.N. Lee
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“In a world where vampires and angels have devised a peace treaty, humans either live their lives oblivious to the supernatural creatures living amongst them, or actively take part by selling their blood.”

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When her senior trip to New Orleans goes haywire, she finds her escape.”


Greybeard: The Ghost of 489
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“The legend of Greybeard, the ghost of 489 lingers to this day. His tale begins when he was murdered.”

Chasing the Lights: Books 1-4
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Your Mission: Undertake an adventure of epic, global, and dire proportions.

Murphy’s Law: Book One & Two
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Alethea (Killing Gods Book One)
by S. L. Mason
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“The study of evolution had come to a standstill when we discovered Terra. It was the perfect incubator for a Millennial Project. But from the beginning, everything has gone wrong.”

Compel Me (The Last Vocari: Book One)
by Elena Lawson
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“I go by Rose. But don’t let the delicate name fool you—I’m all thorns. The polished metal stakes strapped to my thighs have pierced the hearts of so many vampires I’ve lost count.”

The Jill Shannon Murder Series: Book One & Book Two
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“Hurt Jill Shannon once, shame on you. Hurt Jill Shannon twice, she’ll bury you six feet under.”

Fly Girl
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“Tris Miles is held back by her job as a First Officer for tiny Clear Sky Airlines. She needs to be a Captain–the only way she knows to prove her worth as a pilot and atone for a deadly mistake that cost the life of a loved one.”

Preservation (A Mariska Stevenson Thriller)
by Chuck Lemoine
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“An ancient mystery. A paleontologist searching for answers. A deadly web of lies.Dr. Mariska Stevenson has always felt a special connection to the ancient human remains found in the La Brea Tar Pits.”

Dead Silent: A Boxset Collection
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The Case of Dr. Dude (Michaela McPherson Mysteries: Book One)
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Held in Contempt
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Hard Habit to Break
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All I Ask
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“In a modern twist on a classic tale, Aria Durant finds herself the center of a deadly plot. A mysterious man draws her into the shadows while an old friend tries to bring her into the spotlight.”

To Blake, With Love
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“I walked away from everything I knew to protect myself. I don’t know if I’m ready to put my heart on the line for anyone, let alone a hot as hell, surly Irishman. I want to be with him, even if he ruins me.”

Grim Fairytale Collection Paperback
by D. Fischer
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“This epic grim fairytale collection has award-winning stories – completely new legends written as the fairytales of old.”

The Forgiving Scoundrel
by Laura A. Barnes
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“She never allowed her heart to love another. He had never forgotten her. Will their secrets keep them apart? Or would their love overcome them?”

Surprised under the Mistletoe
by Krysta Fox
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“She’s just gotten the opportunity of a lifetime and wants to prove she’s got what it takes. He’s the playboy nobody dreamed would turn out to be the boss. A surprise kiss under the mistletoe could change everything.”

Christmas Country Wishes
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“Dakota Timmons, a registered nurse, leaves the bustling city life for small town comfort in Washington’s wine country. As a child, she wished for a white Christmas. “

Love on Tour
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“Andi Scott has one love in her life-her career. As a Tour Publicist for country star, Brett Hill, her focus is promotion. Brett has one love in his life-music. “

by Angela Ford
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“She thought she had the perfect marriage until she finds out her husband wants her dead.”

Sunset Kisses
by Angela Ford
99c | Until December 31 
“Alivia Jones sold her soul to the CEO of Financial Freedom. Sexy, rich and powerful on Wall Street; Brent Atwood wanted Alivia. She wanted his signature on her paycheck.”

Sin, Repent, Repeat
by A. J. Harlem
“Revenge is best served cold. When Shona Williams returns to her hometown, Ironash, as an experienced DI, she has scores to settle. Justice will be delivered. What they did to her was evil.”

Cross the Stars
by Venessa Kimball
99c | 11/24-11/29
“What would you risk for love? Ella’s an American in a foreign land. Raj is Jordanian royalty. Fate has brought them together and their diverse worlds are about to collide”

Night of Terror Part One, Two, & Three
by D. Fischer
99c | 11/22-11/29
“How do you explain something that you can’t prove or touch? You know without a doubt that something is there, lurking in the corner, watching your every move yet invisible to the naked eye …”

The Atonement Trilogy
by Bryan Gifford
Book One: 99c | Book Two: $1.99 | Book Three: $2.99

“Cain Taran has fought this war for as long as he can remember. He was just another sword in the endless centuries of conflict until the enemy destroyed his home and all that he held dear.”

House of Crave: Episode Four
by Hazel Grey
99c | 11/19-11/30
“A splash of supernatural. A whole lot of steam. 
Craving a sizzling hot read? Try House of Crave.”


The Pandora Shifters (Book One & Two)
by Ulysses Lemolina
Book One: 99c | Book Two: $2.99 | 11/22-12/1
“He only knows himself as “Forty-Seven.” His body is ravaged with scars from decades of beatings. And if Adam hadn’t rescued him, naked, unconscious, and alone in the middle of the Alaskan forest, he’d be dead by now.”

Until the Stars Fall from the Sky (Hidden Beauty: Book One)
by Mary Crawford
$1.99 | 11/21-11/30
“The existence of love at first sight is doubtful — until it happens to you. As a lifeguard and law student, Jeff Whitaker grasps life head-on after putting his dreams on hold due to a family crisis. But his legendary focus changes when a woman rescues a little boy while Jeff is lifeguarding.”

The Sector C Series
by Nina Soden
Set in a futuristic dystopian where society is governed by a council of vampires and lycanthropes, selection students are sheltered and raised in a deceptively utopian world. Strict rules are imposed to control population growth, education, and even personal interactions with other members of the Sector, all in the name of safety. When ‘A’ comes of age, she like all youth throughout Sector C and her selection classmates aren’t sent out into the world to find jobs, make money and lead happy carefree lives. They are forced to endure the rigorous physical and mental testing of Selection Week before choosing their destiny or being forced into a fate far worse. Those that make it out alive are announced as sector residence, given a position within the society, and allotted all the privileges of their chosen “culture.” However, when your only choices are vampirism, lycanthropy, breeder, blood donor, or banishment to the Wastelands, what choice do you really have? Suspenseful, intense, passionate, and awash in paranormal delights, Sector C captures the enchantment and mysteries of the supernatural world and the power of friendship.

We hope you treated yourself to many books.
You deserve it.

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Of Spells and Fur by Valerie Evans (giveaway)

Valerie Evans is a modern fantasy addict living in Georgia who finally took the plunge to self-publish her first novel after nearly seven years. She is the author of The Anberlin Chronicles series and the forthcoming Wolves of Worsham series. In her free time, she likes to read all genres with a focus on fantasy, entertain her very clingy dog, and collect Funkos pops plus journals.

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Of Spells and Fur by Valerie Evans ~ Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

As the only known survivor of a horrific massacre years earlier, Molly Hastings has rebuilt her life as a dedicated member of the Anberlin sentries. It’s her job to protect and police the supernatural citizens who call the town home, but the discovery of several bodies has put everyone on edge with no suspect in sight.

Further complicating matters are a call from the home she left behind and the sudden arrival of a werewolf motorcycle club with ties to her past. An unexpected ally is found with Parker Hayes, a hunter facing down his own demons and searching for a future not based in bloodshed, who inspires feelings she hasn’t felt in years.

Amidst the clash between her past and present, Molly finds herself questioning everything she knows about not only those she’s meant to protct but the Sentries themselves. Could everything she’s been taught be a lie, and if it is, can she protect those she cares about?

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What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m actually currently working on a 5-part series involving a side character from Of Spells and Fur with the first book scheduled to be released summer 2021. Without spoiling the events of the book, this character comes from a single-species town and left his family over a decade earlier following some traumatic experiences. His decision to return home forces him to face not only the family he abandonded, but the woman whose heart he broke.

The other four books will focus on his siblings dealing with their own species-based issues and meeting significant others.

Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author?

I’ve always loved writing and have several short stories my mother has kept over the years. Of Spells and Fur is actually my fourth published work, though the world of Anberlin where Of Spells and Fur is set began taking shape in 2012 with the book that would become Kindred Spirit. Following a conversation with my sister in January of 2020, I took the plunge to self-publish the original Anberlin trilogy over the first half of the year while working on Of Spells and Fur. It still feels surreal sometimes, but I’m excited to continue on this journey and introduce more people to my worlds.

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Of Spells and Fur?

Molly Hastings was born into a family of supernatural hunters, but she walked away after a tragedy and became the equivalent of a supernatural police officer called a sentry in Anberlin. She’s known for being somewhat stand-offish, work obsessed, and anti-werewolves, though it’s a limited group who know anything about her past beyond the hunter part.

Parker Hayes was also born into a family of supernatural hunters, though he made some questionable choices and got himself disowned. He wants to join the Sentries, but his habits of drinking, getting into fights, and causing trouble around town don’t exactly make him an ideal candidate.

What is your writing process?

I have a somewhat chaotic writing process since I start with an idea that includes characters, antagonists, and the basic outline of a plot. I always write the first chapter freehand to see where the flow is and get a feel for the main character, but I generally outline events that come to me and can span anywhere from a single chapter to several. Then it’s just a matter of rinse and repeat! Sometimes random scenes pop in my head so I’ll write them out then have to figure out where they belong later on.

Do your characters seem to hijack the story, or do you feel like you have hte reigns of the story?

I normally feel in control, but Molly did a little hijacking with Of Spells and Fur. I had a plan then she went, “but what if . . .” and I ended up loving the direction things went. It ended up giving me extra work and having to scrap some scenes that I’d originally written, but I do feel like the story is stronger and more character-focused with the change.

Do you read yourself and if so what if your favorite genre?

I try to read whenever possible, but I admit that I don’t always get to read as much as I’d like. My favorite genre is the urban/contemporary/modern fantasy genre because I love seeing magic and the paranormal world brought into the regular world.

Do you believe in writer’s block?

I am a full believer in writer’s block, but I also think it’s important to not let it be an excuse. When writer’s block strikes, I throw myself into creating playlists or graphics to reawaken that excitement for the story and hear the characters’ voices again. It’s almost always successful, and usually when it isn’t, I realize there’s a structural or plot problem that needs to be address before I can keep going with the story.

Advice they would give to new authors?

Write the story you want to read. It might not always be the most current or in-demand story, but I think it’s more important to be passionate about what you’re writing than going with what you think will sell or get the most readers. Someone’s waiting for your story so why disappoint them by turning out what everyone else is doing?

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Where There’s Smoke by Kirsten Fullmer (giveaway)

Where There’s Smoke (Sugar Mountain Book 2) by Kirsten Fullmer ~ Genre: Cozy Mystery, Sweet Romance

A picturesque mountain town, sparks of romance, a threatening mystery, and a secret society of devious women…

“Wonderful characters, a real mix of women with varied strength and foibles” -Goodreads review 5 stars

“I loved the first book in the Sugar Mountain series so I was excited to read the second installment and get back to investigating with the Sugar Mountain Ladies Historical Society” – Goodreads review 5 stars

The cozy community of Sugar Mountain, NC harbors a secret society of women. The society itself is not secret—it’s the actual mission of the group that is devious.

Sugar Mountain is a sleepy town bursting with tourists. If you like quirky shops and original artwork, you’ll want to visit. But the local kindergarten teacher, Sarah, has a mystery on her hands. All she did was try to help the fire department and now she’s receiving threatening notes. Of course, she takes the frightening messages to her friends in the Sugar Mountain Ladies Historical Society, but even their investigative skills fall short. How will they be able to find the person intent on holding back the fire department and frightening Sarah?

Hugh Brockman, the second in command at the firehouse, is taking extra shifts to cope with the shortage of firefighters. When he visits Sarah’s classroom to talk to her students about fire safety, he gets caught up with the lovely teacher and her cryptic mystery. He’s not happy that someone in town is threatening her with bodily harm, and he intends to find out who it is.

With every lead shot down and tensions running high, it’s up to the ladies of the society to go undercover in their own town to flush out the culprit. If they’re not successful, the fire department will continue to be undermanned, leaving Sugar Mountain is in danger and Sarah in peril.

Join in the continuing antics of the Sugar Mountain Ladies Historical Society and fall in love along with Hugh and Sarah in this heartfelt and comical romantic mystery.

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Kirsten is a writer with a love of art and design. She worked in the engineering field, taught college, and consulted free lance. Due to health problems, she retired in 2012 to travel with her husband. They live and work full time in a 40′ travel trailer with their little dog Bingo. Besides writing romance novels, she enjoys selling art on Etsy and spoiling their three grandchildren.

As a writer, Kirsten’s goal is to create strong female characters who face challenging, painful, and sometimes comical situations. She believes that the best way to deal with struggle, is through friendship and women helping women. She knows good stories are based on interesting and relatable characters.

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Trouble on Main Street (Sugar Mountain Book 1)

A cozy mountain town, a sweet romance, and a secret society of sneaky women…

The sleepy hamlet of Sugar Mountain harbors a secret society of women. Don’t misunderstand—the society itself is not secret—it’s the true nature of the group that is hush-hush.

Sugar Mountain is the kind of charming village that tourists adore. If you like small-town charm, quirky shops, and local art, this is the place for you. But when a blood smeared package shows up at the post office and it appears to be linked to a scheme that threatens Heidi Collinsworth’s historic home, the town takes on a sinister vibe. Heidi would lay odds that slimy Mayor Winslow is involved, but even with the enquiring skills of The Sugar Mountain Ladies Historical Society at work, proof is scarce.

The new guy in town, Adam Williams, is determined not to get involved in Sugar Mountain’s business. His last job in a big city planning office ruined his life, but Heidi needs his help. No matter how hard he tries to stay detached, Adam finds himself eyeball deep in Heidi’s problems, as well as the needs of her teenage son and a homeless dog.

With conflicting theories abound and tensions running high, it’s up to the ladies of the society to don disguises and go undercover. If they’re not careful, the town may fall to a wrecking ball, Heidi may fall for Adam, and the secret society will be exposed.

Meet the cast of colorful characters in this charming and zany introduction to a whole new series of romantic, cozy mysteries!

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Loren Rhoads ~ Author Interview

We have a very special guest today, Loren Rhoads is the co-author of Lost Angels and Angelus Rose!

Loren Rhoads is the co-author (with Brian Thomas) of the novel Lost Angels about a succubus who sets her sights on an angel and ends up possessed by a mortal girl’s soul. The sequel, Angelus Rose, came out in February 2020.

Loren is the author of The Dangerous Type, Kill By Numbers, and No More Heroes, a space opera trilogy set after a galactic war has wiped out much of humanity.

She is also the author of 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die and Wish You Were Here: Adventures in Cemetery Travel. She blogs about graveyards as travel destinations at

Check out her books below!

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Heresy by C.A. Campbell (giveaway)

C. A. Campbell hails from Kansas City (The Missouri side, if you please), where she shares her writing space with her husband and three ridiculous dogs. She splits her time between writing, saving tiny lives, and teaching students how not to kill people as a neonatal intensive care nurse and nurse educator. When she’s not working, she can be found (likely, in her pajamas) making things out of yarn, listening to a true crime podcast, or yelling at medical errors in television shows. Heresy is her debut novel.

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Heresy (The Heretics Saga Book 1) by C.A. Campbell ~ Genre: YA Dystopian

In Arcadia, being different is HERESY.

Heresy is DEATH.

To survive, citizens must live, dress, and even love according to the United Council’s will. Their power is absolute—until a rebel bomb ignites at a national ceremony and unites the lives of three unlikely people.

When the bombing goes wrong, Nicolette Howell, a young heretic, finds herself alone and on the run, bearing secrets that Arcadia would kill for. When she’s captured, she must escape, but how can she, when her best chance lies with the son of her sworn enemy?

Driven by the execution of an innocent, Jacob Osgood, a United Councilor’s son, hunts for the truth about the heretic movement that Arcadia has hidden. But truth could cost him the one thing he cannot stand to lose: the girl who saved his life at the bombing.

Shiloh Haven, the orphaned daughter of heretics, is forced to become Arcadia’s spy in a sinister plot to destroy the heretic army. She faces a terrible choice: survive or risk everything to save the boy she might just love and the rebels who are her only chance of being free.

As their fates entwine, the three must answer an impossible question.


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Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author?

Sure. I’m C. A. Campbell, and I’ve been writing since I was eleven and Lord of the Rings inspired me to pick up a pen. I live in Kansas City, MO, with my husband and our three ridiculous but adorable dogs. I like to say I have three careers. Besides writing, I’m full time faculty at a nursing university, and a part-time neonatal intensive care nurse. I love my nursing career, but it’s always been a dream of mine to be a write and publish a book, so I decided to figure out a way to make both things happen. And here I am, publishing my first novel. Sometimes, you can have it all.

How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?

Funny story, actually. My characters began as original characters that I put into Harry Potter fanfiction. I’m sure you could find it out on the internet somewhere if you really tried (please don’t). When I knew I wanted to start original fiction, I decided to keep them with me, because I loved all of them so much. I had the concept of being a ‘Heretic’ — being different than the world wanted you to be, so I knew I wanted something along that. And that’s where I struggled for the next ten years while writing this book.

The theme of ‘being different than what the world wants you to be’ is something I felt as a teenager (when I first started this book), strongly. But I had to go on a journey. I had to own that in my own life–truly make the decision to be myself even though the people around me may not like it. I also needed to see many other individuals–much braver than me–who have had to make that decision as well. Only then could I write this story that addresses the topic at the core of my own story.

How do you dare to be different in a world that tells you exactly what to be?

Tell us about your main characters- what makes them tick?

The Heretics Saga focused mostly on two main characters–Shiloh Haven and Jacob Osgood–while also following three other ‘main’ characters – and a few friends who join them along the way. In Heresy, we get to see the POV of three of them.

Shiloh Haven is the orphaned daughter of heretics whose grown up in a cruel place, called a Haven, with other children of heretics. As a Haven, she has been despised and had to fight just to survive in Arcadian society. Because of this, she lives by strict rules in order to survive–which is all she really wants. This really gets tested over the whole of Heresy when the survival of people she cares about suddenly depends on her — and saving them might mean signing her own death warrant.

Jacob Osgood comes from the complete opposite of society. As the son of one of the nation’s leaders, he could have anything he wanted–except freedom. Jake’s a rebel without a cause at the beginning–doing anything he can to disrupt the perfect dance his father, United Councilor Samuel Osgood, forces him to perform too. In the story, we get to see what happens when he actually finds a cause to stand with and something worth fighting for. But he makes reckless choices and the consequences will be devastating.

Nicolette Howell is a young rebel who has lived most of her life on the run. She’s driven by loyalty to the cause fighting against Arcadia, but when she’s captured, she’s dumped into a strange world where she’s unsure who to trust, but she knows she can’t escape on her own. And if she doesn’t escape–more than her life will end.

And Val and Stefani…well, you’ll just have to read to know a little more about them.

Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?

Oh goodness, so much stories. There were so many things that ultimately couldn’t make it into the book. I’m sure I’ll have to write bonus scenes or novellas to show all the things I know about the characters.

If your book had a candle, what scent would it be?

It would be smoky and woodsy, with a little sweetness– like a fire burning cedar, wth just a hint of cinnamon. I would call it “Smells like Teen Revolution”.

What can we expect from you in the future?

HERESY is the first book in The Heretics Saga. Right now, the series is slated to be four books, but it’s always subject to change. I hope to release them all within two to three years.

Is there something specific you want to tell readers?

I hope you love my book, but more importantly, I hope you learn from it. I hope at the end you choose to be a Heretic–to be fearlessly, unapologetically yourself even in a world where sometimes that feels dangerous. Because who you are is not wrong. Who you are is perfect and amazing. And never let anyone convince you otherwise.

Lastly, a few fun questions: What kind of world ruler would you be?

I don’t know. If it’s anything like being a teacher, it would probably involve a lot of hair pulling of — “Why weren’t they listening?” “I know they hate this new law but can’t they see it will make them better?” “Why do they hate me? All I’ve ever done is love them.” And then I’ll probably have servants stress feed me chocolate.

What book do you think everyone should read?

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I know, I know, it’s not fiction, but it’s amazing. Here’s just one quote of a million from her book. “Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”

Advice you’d give new authors?

Self-doubt is a liar. Punch it in the face, and just write your book.

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The Secret Circle by P. Sawyer (giveaway)

(As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. That means, when you purchase a book using an Amazon link on this site, I earn an affiliate commission. All commission earnings go back into funding my books; editing, cover design, etc.)

P. Sawyer is a romance author that loves to read as much as she loves to write! Fascinated with bringing the “real” version of lo ve to readers, P. strives to show how mess love can be and how happily ever afters aren’t always what they seem.

P. grew up in New England and currently lives with her husband, two children and dog in CT. When she is not creating less than perfect love stories, she can be found reading or watching Hockey.

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The Secret Circle (Children of Chaos Series) by P. Sawyer ~ Genre: YA Fantasy, Paranormal

Sage Pope is your typical teenager. High school student, avid softball player…until she turns sixteen. One week before Sage’s birthday, she is thrust into a world she only thought existed in legends. A world full of magic, supernatural powers and secrets.

Adopted by Pennies after her mother’s death, Sage is kept away from the world of the Circle, an elite Wiccan coven tasked with protecting the ancient powers in Salem, MA. However, Sage has been summoned and the fate of Salem rests on her shoulders and the powers she doesn’t even know she possesses.

Join Sage and the Four as they navigate power manifestations, secrets, and a rouge coven looking to use her to siphon the ancient powers.

**Only .99 cents!!**

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Sorry Can’t Save You by Willow Rose (giveaway)

Sorry Can’t Save You by Willow Rose ~ Genre: Mystery, Suspense

From Multi-Million-Copy Bestselling author Willow Rose comes an outstanding stand alone Mystery that will keep you guessing till the end!

What if you thought your husband was a murderer?

The man you loved, the man who gave you two beautiful children and a perfect life.

What if no one believed you?

Laurie Davis is the mother of two children, struggling to keep her family together since her husband, Ryan, went to war and came back changed. His PTSD is evident.

He wakes up at night, screaming in fear; he can’t stand loud noises or anyone sneaking up on him.

He even gets aggressive toward Laurie and the children. It has gotten so bad that he can no longer stay under the same roof as his family.

When a woman from his squadron is found murdered, Laurie discovers something that makes her suspect Ryan, her own husband.

But what do you do when no one believes a decorated war hero could also be a murderer?

What if you don’t want to believe it yourself?

As more people from the squadron turn up dead, by apparent suicides, Laurie digs deeper into the case.

She is risking her own life by putting it all on the line in a race against time to avoid becoming the killer’s next victim.

Buy SORRY CAN’T SAVE YOU today and you’ll miss sleep, skip chores and have no time for family or friends.

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Willow Rose is a multi-million-copy best-selling Author and an Amazon ALL-star Author of more than 80 novels. 

Several of her books have reached the top 10 of ALL books on Amazon in the US, UK, and Canada. She has sold more than six million books all over the world. 

She writes Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense, Horror, Supernatural thrillers, and Fantasy. 

Willow’s books are fast-paced, nail-biting pageturners with twists you won’t see coming. That’s why her fans call her The Queen of Plot-Twists.

Willow lives on Florida’s Space Coast with her husband and two daughters. When she is not writing or reading, you will find her surfing and watching the dolphins play in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. 

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