World War Dead by TS Alan

Author and Co-Founder of TS Alan is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, and suspense, but also frequently incorporates elements of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and satire. Alan has published two novels, and six short stories.

Alan was born outside Buffalo, NY. He is the son of divorced parents. He was educated at Williamsville South High School, Niagara Community College and the State University College at Buffalo.

Alan is an author of contemporary horror/fantasy. He is most known for his zombie stories. His first published novel was The Romero Strain (2014), which was published by Books of the Dead Press. His sequel The Romero Strain: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness was independently released in November 2017.

As influences on his writing, Alan lists Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and O. Henry, among others.

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World War Dead by TS Alan ~ Genre: Apocalyptic Horror

World War Dead is a four-part zombie novel, in which military and health organizations around the world battle time and the undead in an attempt to get valuable research data to the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland. There, an antiviral for the Acute Reanimation Syndrome (ARS) virus is being developed.
The novel has main characters from each region, two of which are half-zombies, and all the stories are intertwined with one another.

Part I: War of the Dead
A zombified Marine lieutenant injected with the antiviral is brought back to half-life but finds himself caught between human and zombie, and reconsiders which side he should fight on.

Part II: Escape from the DeadWith time running out, a European CDC security team faces insurmountable odds against zombies and a hostile military faction attempting to get their antiviral to an awaiting military transport plane that will take them to a US military base.

Part III: Call to Arms
A Canadian helicopter team arrives at a US military outpost for an exchange to acquire a batch of antiviral but finds themselves betrayed and stranded. Having learned of High Command’s treacheries, a rogue team of Marines led by a sympathetic master sergeant comes to the Canadians rescue. The master sergeant hopes to enlist the Canadians, along with a brigade of half-zombies, as part of a strike force to overthrow a forced labor camp in Gettysburg run by the military.

Part IV: War of the Dead
A former Army sergeant, who finds her half-zombie condition has left her infertile, leads a discontented group of half-zombies on a war against humanity and zombies alike. Will the remaining military, the work camp survivors, and the lieutenant’s half-mute brigade unite in time to stop the dissident half-mutes from executing their elaborate plan of genocide, or will humankind finally meet extinction?

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TS Alan vs the Pandemic

I am a survivalist. I am a prepper. I have lived through and survived two power outages and a major hurricane that hit New York City. I was fully aware that there was going to be a viral pandemic in my lifetime. I was prepared for it — almost! What I had prepared for and what has actually happened in NYC was underwhelming. That is not to say that COVID-19 hasn’t brought loss of life, tragedy, and heartbreak around the globe, but I wasn’t prepared for anything less than a full out viral apocalypse. One where I would have to hunker down in my apartment for 6 months while the world fell into chaos. That I was prepared for and would have no problem enduring.

However, that’s not how it has unfolded. Millions of people haven’t succumbed to the virus, the world economy hasn’t collapsed, and humankind isn’t fighting to survive in the sense that there is no more food chain and the stores are empty. What happened was people have tragically died, but not in the millions, the food chain though slightly bent, isn’t broken, and society hasn’t collapsed.

What has personally happened is that I’m out of work and still have to pay rent, buy groceries, and pay health insurance and taxes – just like millions of other Americans. The apocalypse didn’t happen the way I imagined. It’s vexing knowing I didn’t think about or prepare for a pandemic that wouldn’t be society ending. So, now I have to rethink the way I prep for the future. If this type of pandemic happens again, and it certainly will, it may be even a worse. Banks could falter from a bad economy and freeze people’s funds. Groceries and sundry items could be harder to attain, far worse than what some parts of the country has already experienced. How then does one pay for goods when your credit cards and ATM bank cards are no longer acceptable? Cash, that old standard will be the fall back currency of exchange. How many of you have a stash of cash in your residence? I mean a significant amount of money. Hell, most of the people I know don’t have enough food or other provisions to last a week, let alone enough cash to get them through 6 months. I learned from the first power outage I experienced that cash on hand is important. Except, $300 – $400 is simply not enough if things get really bad over an extended period of time.

So, I have started tucking away a nest egg and adding more provisions onto my stockpile for the next time. I’m now preparing for an extended horrible scenario along with the world ending one. So, what have you learned about your ability or inability to survive a pandemic. Let me know your thoughts at

I’m excited to be one of many tour hosts sharing information about World War Dead by TS Alan.

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