Ashes of Blood by Lela Grayce

Ashes of Blood (The Dragon Mafia Chronicles Book 1) by Lela Grayce ~ Genre: YA Fantasy

Do not serve drinks to a dragon mob boss. They bite. Zero stars.

A century ago, rips in reality appeared all around the globe, allowing creatures from myth to surge into our world.

Dragons – Shifters – Fae – Witches all now walk the earth in an established hierarchy of power. At the bottom of that chair are mixed-species Mutts… like me. My abilities should be minimal. Yet, after an unfortunate run in with a dragon mob boss, the thirst for my blood quickly became his obsession. Violence. Seduction. Bitter betrayal. He will stop at nothing to use me as a pawn in his dark agenda. My only ally is Kreed, a pureblood Zavarian, who will push his own annoyance at being saddled with a Mutt aside if it means bringing down the dragons.

But when someone I trust betrays me, suppressed memories resurface to remind me of how destructive my power can be. No matter how I fight it, a rain of ash and blood is coming. When it stills, will I be the healer of the people… or the destruction?

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