Bath and Body Works Signature Collection

Okay, first off I have to say sorry for being gone… I needed a break after my editor’s letter and notes. I haven’t really written anything since. Though, I am ready to Rock & Roll, soon. Tomorrow… maybe.

As far as my hair goes, I have been using the Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Coconut Lime Verbena Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner these last few days. So, are you thinking what I thought, “Coconut and Lime? Really?” If you are, let me put your mind at ease… they actually work together. Honestly, the coconut made me feel like I was on vacation and the lime, well that just woke me up every morning.

Now, I don’t often reach for the ‘Volumizing’ products, because I have all the volume I think my hair needs, but I didn’t buy it. I acquired it free with my over priced hotel stay, and therefore I could not turn it down. Free is free and that is good in my book.

This isn’t a product I would use if I was showering at night, or even a scent that I would want to use on a daily basis. However, as a occasional use product, I like it!

It lathers up pretty good, and my hair seems to react alright to it, nothing special. All in all its shampoo and conditioner with a twist of lime.

So… my journey continues.

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