A Warm Welcome to 2012!

A fond farewell to 2011 and a warm open armed welcome to 2012!

I know that it is already January 6, 2012 and some people may say that its to late to announce my New Year’s Resolutions, but I would say bah humbug to you. It’s never to late to put in print what you plan to do for the new year.

So, with no further stalling involved here is my list…

Drum Roll Please!

(1) Go Green! I can not say that I’ve ever really been the reduce, reuse, recycle kind of girl, but I want to be. I reuse, which is to say that after working in a private preschool for the last four years I don’t see empty paper towel rolls quiet the same. Now I look at them and see ‘potential’. I see binoculars, hand puppets, towers, Christmas tree ornaments, and oh so much more. So, yes I reuse (when an art project is looming on the horizon). I have in the past recycled. I grew up in a state where you got 10 cents back for every soda bottle or soda can you returned to the store. So, yes I always took them back, but now you don’t even get a penny let alone a dime. It has kinda discouraged me. Though I will not let that stop me in 2012. On New Year’s Eve I went to the store and got myself ‘hooked up’. I now have three 30 gallon trash cans in my kitchen (soon to move to the garage). One labeled ‘GLASS’, one labeled ‘PLASTIC’, and one labeled ‘METAL’. I was sad to discover that after only three days the ‘PLASTIC’ container is already full. So, now I know how important it really is, because a family of four produces A LOT of waste, and a large portion of it is recyclable.

(2) Exercise More! Now, I could say loose 10 pounds, drop a dress size, etc. like everyone else, but I’m not going to. I will say Exercise More. That might be walking more, lifting weights, doing aerobics, what ever my heart desires. The reason I’m not saying drop X number of pounds or drop a dress size is because I just don’t see those goals as being very realistic. If someone who doesn’t know me looked at me they might think I was in pretty good shape. I’m not over weight, nor am I underweight. In reality I do look pretty good, even if I do say so myself. But, I don’t feel good about myself. So, in order to feel better about myself, like the way I look in my skin, and for an all over healthier feeling I choose to exercise more. If the end result is that I drop 10 pounds or even get rid of my muffin top (even as small as it is) then that is just a bonus for me. Oh yeah, I started this one already too. I went out on New Year’s Eve and bought a pair or ankle weights and a pair of wrist weights. I wear the ankle weights every where I go. See, exercising already, even when I’m not doing anything that I wouldn’t already be doing. Gotta love it when just a slight change in life style can make such a big difference – the pain in my lower legs!

(3) Write More! As you know I am trying to write a book… a series of books actually. I have finished the first book in a three to four book series, and two days after I submitted it to my editor she backed out on me. My first reaction was to cry. But then I thought, ‘No I am better than that!!!’ So, I picked my self up off the floor, wiped the snot and tears from my face, and told myself that there has to be a reason… Everything happens for a reason, and maybe this is just telling me that particular editor wasn’t the right person for this job. So, now that I am half way through re-writing book two I am going to finish book two and then start a new search for an editor. Sending a little silent prayer up to the Big Man in charge, ‘Please send me an editor that wants to work with me, is going to put his/her heart and soul into this project, and isn’t going to break my bank!’ So, yes… write more, and finish the re-writes to book two, as well as the first draft of book three.

Only three, but to me they are important. My family (husband and children) come first in my life, and they always will. But, this year I need to also think about me hence the finding time to write more, and the exercising. The recycling, well that is me trying to do my part (even as small as it is) to make a difference in this world. I hope to instil that in my children, and make it not something only I do, but have it be a life style change for my husband and children as well.

There you have it… it’s in writing… Lets see how I do come December 2012!


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