I Quit!

It’s taken me a while to really figure out how to put this blog into words. Probably because I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about this new change in my life, but that is neither here nor there… What’s done is done and it is for the best.

For the last four years I have been the proud, enthusiastic, energetic, organized, willing, and devoted Director of the Bailey Cove Child Development Center. However, on Friday February 3, 2012 I worked my last day at the school. It was a sad goodbye but I leave it in good hands as my amazing Assistant Director is still at the helm leading the way with the new center Director.

Although I miss my staff, who I still consider family I look forward to seeing them daily as a parent instead of as a boss. My new role is not only scary and challenging but also exciting. I am excited about the new ways I can help and encourage growth at the school.

With that said, why did I leave? Good question! Growth and career advancement. I was given an opportunity that I just couldn’t turn down. I guess that happens sometimes in life, and I was afraid that if I turned this chance down then it wouldn’t come back around. I am the new Director of Business Development at JSA http://www.jsafed.com http://www.jsafed/Wordpress.com. My role encompasses more than just bringing in new contracts and growing the business. I will be developing new social media communication lines for our customers, publishing industry relevant articles on our blog, conducting government and commercial training in areas such as HR, LR and so much more.

So yes, change is hard. But, in a world where everything is constantly moving change is a necessity!


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