I haven’t written in over six (6) months, and I think I’m losing my mind. It isn’t because of writers block, lack of ideas, or even a lack of desire. Its that I haven’t gotten my book back from the editor yet. I don’t blame her… the first or the second. Life happens and we move on.

Now, it is April 1st – the first day of the second quarter in 2013 – and I was hoping to already have BEGINNINGS – the 2nd book in The Blood Angel Series published by now, but I have yet to do the final rewrites. Oh well, life happens and we move on. I think that is going to be my new motto. lol

Well, since I don’t yet have Beginnings ready to be published I am going to do this – SET A GOAL! Yeah, I like goals, they give me something to strive for. So, this is my latest and greatest: Whenever I do get the book back from my editor… I will give myself 6 weeks to do the rewrites. It really shouldn’t take that long, but since I do work full-time (not as a writer), have two kids to take care of, and am a major character in a play right now that is still in the very busy rehearsal process… I kind of have a lot on my plate. Below is my writers plan, for whenever I get my edits back… this is just a little glimpse into my process as a writer:

  • Week 1 – Reread the book and all editor’s notes
  • Week 2 – Outline changes, rearrange chapters (if needed) based on editor’s notes
  • Week 3 – Rewrite cover to cover
  • Week 4 – Reread the book for content, timeline, character motivation
  • Week 5 – Reread the book for edits: grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Week 6 – Final changes, format, upload, and publish

To ambitious? Maybe, but I work best under pressure so I figure if I put it out there… I kind of have to try to meet the deadline. Now all I need is to get the book back from the editor so I can start the process.

Beginnings ~ a Blood Angel novel by Nina SodenComing soon to e-readers everywhere!

Beginnings ~ a Blood Angel novel by Nina Soden
Coming soon to e-readers everywhere!

Hmmm…. what to do until then?

2 thoughts on “I THINK I’M LOSING MY MIND!

  1. Hi Nina,

    How are you? I write too, mostly poetry. If you could go to my blog nubarue.tumblr.com and let me know what you think of some of my work, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

    Carlisha Leftwich

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