Rewrites… Week Two In Review

Wow, two weeks down only four to go!

As I said last week – week 1 didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I hadn’t gotten through the whole book doing the reread of the book and all editor’s notes. However, I was able to use week two to complete this task. 🙂 Woo Hoo!

My task for week two was:

  • Outline changes, rearrange chapters (if needed) based on editor’s notes

Well, no chapter rearranging was needed and the outlining of changes was very simple. Therefore, I spent week two completing my reread and finishing up my outline of changes still needed. I feel fairly confident that I am back on track and ready to start week three’s task of:

  • Cover to cover rewrite!

Yeah, that one seems even a little overwhelming to me too. I mean, it did take me two weeks (I don’t have a lot of time on my hand) to just do a reread… the idea of completing a cover to cover rewrite in just one week, yeah I’m not sure that is possible. But, who knows maybe this week the world will slow down and we will all be given 34 hours in a day instead of the usual 24. That is about what it will take for me… an additional 10 hours a day.

I don’t mean to sound so negative and really I’m not. The honest truth is this – if I don’t finish the cover to cover rewrite this week I’ll just continue with that task into week four. Do I want to fail yet again? No, but am I going to let the quality of my book suffer just so I can follow a strict 6 week plan? HELL NO! I want this book to be just as good as if not better than book one in the Blood Angel series. Come on, I am a first time author… the idea of publishing a book was thrilling, exciting, scary, and really just a dream to me. The idea of publishing my second book… WOW!

Now I should go and get started. Or, finish my day job responsibilities so that eventually I can get started on week three. Wish me luck and good luck to you and all of your dreams, goals, ambitions!

So once again here is the plan:

  • Week 1 – Reread the book and all editor’s notes – (YEAH, THAT DIDN”T GO AS PLANNED)
  • Week 2 – Outline changes, rearrange chapters (if needed) based on editor’s notes – (NOT REALLY GOING TO NEED TO OUTLINE CHANGES AND REARRANGE CHAPTERS – I WILL JUST USE THIS WEEK TO FINISH THE REREAD!)
  • Week 3 – Rewrite cover to cover – (YEAH, IT MIGHT BE AMBITIOUS, BUT I’LL TRY ANYWAY.)
  • Week 4 – Reread the book for content, timeline, character motivation
  • Week 5 – Reread the book for edits: grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Week 6 – Final changes, format, upload, and publish

Let me know how your writing goals are going…

Beginnings ~ a Blood Angel novel by Nina Soden Coming soon to e-readers everywhere!

Beginnings ~ a Blood Angel novel by Nina Soden
Coming soon to e-readers everywhere!

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