Rewrites… Week Six In Review!

Okay, week six is over and I know I promised to send the book to the publisher by the end of week six but… I just can’t. You see I recently read a review of my first book on Amazon… I know, you should never read reviews, but I did! It was a 2 star review called ‘An Interesting Idea’ and this is what it said:


Okay, so it wasn’t entirely bad. I mean the writer is still planning to read my next book, but still…
So, I have made the decision to hold off just a little while longer – one more week to have yet again one more set of eyes read, review, and edit the book and then the short time it takes to review and adjust for the changes.

I’m a self published author – I don’t promise not to have any grammar or spelling errors, but I don’t want so many that it takes away from the book and is distracting.

Personally I like my story line and character development, and I hope I don’t disappoint my readers with a lack of structure, hooks and cliffhangers again in book two.

So, for you… My readers, I am going to go through one more round of edits. And, I hope to deliver an end product that makes you all want to come back for more!

Thanks for understanding.

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