Behind Locked Doors: The Southern Girl

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It’s been a year – no, not a year – one year two months three days and six hours since she saw him last. It was a special ops top-secret mission that took him away. 3 months his commander had said, but still no word – not a call, not a letter, not even an email.

Not a day goes by that she doesn’t cry, scream, pray, curse, ache, hope, long, need, want…

Counting the days he feels his life slipping out of reach as each day passes. He has no idea how long it’s been and can’t grasp the concept of time with the tortures he has survived over the past year. He escapes into his mind dreaming of the beautiful southern girl waiting back home for him. Praying she’ll still be there if ever he returns!!!

Two years five months and ten days have past when he walks in the front door a different man. Rushing into his arms fear, love, horror, lust, anger, need, sadness, pain and hatred hit her all at once. He feels it too. Knows what being gone has done to her, to them, but he can’t explain. How could he?

He takes her in his arms, holding her tight. With a loving touch and a gentle hold he asks her, “do you trust me?”


He  tilts her head back. With teeth as sharp as blades he drains her softly, smoothly! She drifts to sleep until awakened by the sweet taste of his own blood flowing into her mouth. She couldn’t get enough – lust, wanting, needing, feeding, craving!

One hundred and twenty years have past and they are still in love and fighting for love with the night all around them!

(c) Soden, Nina 2014

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