Blood Angel Series – Kickstarter Project – Followup

The Blood Angel Series Kickstarter Project was a Success!!!

Blood Angel Series Cover Poster

I want to say a special thank you to the following Kickstarter Project donors for helping to make this series a reality:

Kathryn Dougherty

Harvey Howell

Mom & Dad (I love you both)

Smith Family

Grandma June

Michael Mullin


Jamie Young


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The Blood Angel series is set in a world very much like our own, yet Atlanta isn’t just an ordinary city and Alee Moyer isn’t just an ordinary girl. Having barely survived her childhood, it will take the death of her father for the truth of her bloodline to come out, even if it means losing her life or her identity. Watch as Alee struggles to understand her true destiny as the first surviving Dhampir in history. Surrounded by a new world ,where the horror films she grew up watching have become her reality, the most unlikely characters have become her lifeline. Follow as Alee discovers herself and her purpose.

Camouflaged by the mundane happenings of a high school existence, Alee would never have guessed what was happening below the surface in, “The Underground”. If she thought hunting in the wild and drinking blood was bad, what will she think when she becomes one of the hunted?

Will Alee be able to survive her destiny, or will it prove to be more powerful than she is?

The Blood Angel Series by Nina Soden


Nina Soden, Author
Nina Soden, Author

I have always been creative, be it art, theatre, film – anything but singing…trust me, you don’t want to hear that! I earned my bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Military Science from Eastern Michigan University where I spent most of my time either on stage, rappelling down buildings, or working one of three jobs. After college I moved to Los Angeles like so many other starry-eyed actors in pursuit of fame and fortune in tinseltown. While there, I worked to pay the bills but my love was always acting. I was able to achieve some level of success, mostly in commercials and independent films, and I consider those experiences as some of the best of my life.

After some major life changes, I self-published my first book entitled PRIVATE WORDS UNSPOKEN, a compilation of self poetry. Since then, my literary interest has grown and I would like to think my storytelling ability has improved. I have done everything from office administration, to business development, to being the Director of a private preschool. I have jumped out of a C130 aircraft, fired a M16 machine gun, and given birth – TWICE! But I always return to my art.

Though I’ll forever be a Michigan girl at heart, I now live in the South where I am married with two wonderful children. If I’m not working on my latest story you can find me lounging with a good book, playing with my kids, or indulging in my unhealthy addiction to Starbucks coffee.

To learn more about me and my books you can check out my website, or follow me on one or all of the various internet/social media sites.

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