New Adventure – UPDATE


On September 12th I announced that I was starting a new adventure in my writing. I had begun writing a new story on September 3rd. My goal was to have the first draft completed by the end of the month (September). Well, that didn’t happen BUT I did complete the first draft by October 3rd which works for me.


My process has been slightly different for this book. I’m working on my document in the cloud! I feel like there should be a drum roll or something when I say that. Anyway, I have three beta-readers that always do my initial content/grammar edits and since I was working in the cloud I was able to share the document for editing purposes. I am so excited to announce that not only am I done with my first draft, but one of my editors has completed her read/review/edit/etc. and I have already incorporated her changes and made some major rewrites based on her suggestions. One beta-reader down… two to go. The document has already been shared with them and I am hoping to have their edits by the end of this month (wishful thinking? maybe).


* Come up with a title for the story (novel)
* Get the final draft off to the editor by the end of November
* Have the cover design complete by the end of November
* Have first edit complete by December 15th
* Have final edit complete by January 15th
* Book release – END OF JANUARY

OK, my goal list might be a little ambitious, considering it is all dependent on the schedule of other people. I have no idea of my final two beta-readers will be able to finish the story by the end of this month or if my editor will be available during the month of December – holidays and all. But, if all else fails I can push everything two months and release at the end of March… worst case scenario (I hope).


In the meantime… I will be working on the next book! Oh, and trying to figure out the title, designing the cover, working my full-time job, and living the life of a mother, wife, etc. YES – I WEAR MANY HATS!

2 thoughts on “New Adventure – UPDATE

  1. CORRECTION – I have decided to try and submit this one to a publisher. So, that will push back the actual publication date. If all goes well, I will be doing traditional publishing with this book. If not, I am more than happy to self-publish again. I love my readers and I’m not in this for the money, so as long as I can share my stories I’m happy. Tell me, what are your thoughts? Should I continue as an Indie-Author and self-publish or should I try traditional publishing this time?


  2. Reblogged this on ninasoden and commented:

    OK… there have been some set backs. Yes, the first book in my new series (still unnamed) was already with the beta-readers, however, I will not meet my goal of getting it to the professional editor by the end of November as I had hoped. BECAUSE – two of my three beta-readers have not yet had time to read! Yup, like I said, I knew my goal list was a little ambitious and that it was all dependent on the schedules of other people. However, I didn’t really think it would take this long for my beta-readers to start reading. Maybe I need to find new beta-readers (insert sad face here).


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