Mapping My Readers!

OK, so I got this idea from another authors blog and thought – WHAT A GREAT IDEA!


I’ve decided to start a little geography project with my kids and I could really use your help. Using a world map, my kids and I, are going to attempt to map out where my readers are. This will include blog followers as well as all you amazing people who have purchased a copy of one or more of my books. So, that means I need to know where you are!

How are we going to do this?


As well as a bit of color coding (one color for blog readers, one color for book readers, and one color for those of you that do both)! Or maybe for the book readers I’ll have one color for each book… yeah, I don’t have it all figured out yet – its still a plan in progress.

In the comments section below this blog, please tell me if you follow my blog and/or have read one of my books or added it to your “to read” list. Then let me know where you live (City/State/Country – Or however much you are comfortable giving).

Want to have even more fun? If you are a book reader please post a photo of yourself holding a copy of my book (paperback or eBook) so the cover is showing in the photo! You can post it in the comments below, on twitter tagging me @Nina_Soden, or on my Facebook page (Facebook search: Nina Soden – Author)

I’d like to know just where my readers are and how far my reach has gone. This is my attempt to find out from all of you, while my numbers are still small. I appreciate your help on this project as do my lovely children!

Happy Reading 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mapping My Readers!

  1. Good afternoon Nina. Reader of blogs and books CEO BHD writers; my office is UK post code IP199HB, near a coastal village called DUNWICH; which was very important in 13th 14th century but was washed away by the sea.Only one of its Fourteen churches now remains plus a very wonderful pub.
    Best of luck with project. Keep us informed.
    Terry Gilbert-Fellows

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  2. Thank you Nina. A terrific idea and one which I might just mirror once I figure out the how-to. I’m just a blog reader. I’m sure your children will get a real educative charge out of this challenge.
    My co-ordinates are Calgary, (T2V0Y9) Alberta, Canada. ( And for what it’s worth I’m originally from New Zealand)

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