July 2015 in Review

July 2015 in Review

So, I have finally made the decision to really focus on marketing. Yes, as an indie author, I should have been doing this all along, but I didn’t feel like I had the time. However, recently I had the opportunity to talk with Shayla Lee Raquel, of Curiouser Author Network. We talked all bout why marketing is so important for indie authors and what I can do, with the little time I have available, to increase my visibility.

In order to keep myself motivated I have decided to post my monthly progress/stats here, for the world to see.


  • Blog Posts – 6 (I’ll shoot for 7 this month. Since this is my first one in August – I better get to work.)
  • Fiction Writing – Completed the manuscript for SECTOR C ~ The Hunted, it is now officially in the editing process.


  • Reading:
    • I need to find a new book to read. Anyone have a good suggestion?
  • Finished:
    • 61YCasIvf9L._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_ by John Berendt
    • by James Schannep
    • Never Never 1  by Colleen Hoover



July Stats


Quotes from some of my reviews:

Loved it. Could not put it down. Finished it in 1 day. Gotta get the next book!” – Rockings03 (Amazon.com 5-star review of Awaken)

The stakes are raised, the action is fierce, and the suspense KILLED ME. I nearly skipped several times just so I knew what happened! But of course I didn’t, because the story was so great. All the time. The romance is sweeter, and the plot twists twistier.” – Amazon Customer (Amazon.com 5-star review of Beginnings)

The pace of this story was fast and steady throughout this story. Many twists and turns were presented that kept my curiosity piqued and when truths and secrets were revealed, I was simply shocked because I had no idea or inkling that these would occur. That in itself makes this a perfect story/ending for me.” – WisperingWillo (Amazon.com 5-star review of Revenge)

Think of a recipe that has a dash of Hunger Games, a pinch of Mystic Falls and a splash of Divergent. Then mix it all thoroughly with Nina’s flair of the supernatural and you have a great novel” – Jonas Lee (Amazon.com 5-star review of The Chosen)


  • SECTOR C ~ The Hunted – Book 2 of the SECTOR C Series will be out later this year. It is currently with the editor, but I will post a blurb soon, so be watching.
  • YA FICTION NEWSLETTER – I have decided to start a Monthly (maybe quarterly – we will see how it goes) newsletter all about young adult fiction. It will include reading suggestions, reviews, author tips, etc. I hope you will sign up and join the mailing list (I WILL NOT SPAM) to check it out. I will also be doing Newsletter Subscriber Giveaways too. Sign up by clicking HERE .


I’ve linked to all of my social media sites throughout this post, so please come help my numbers grow in August!! Friend, Like, Subscribe, and as always please share my posts with your friends. Lastly, thank you to anyone who follows me and especially to those of you who have actually read through this entire post. I know it was long, but I think we all need a little accountability in our life. Putting everything out there, is how I hope to keep myself motivated to do all this marketing stuff everyone keeps telling me I need to do.

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