Picking a Date for Publishing!

As I was hunting the web for some information on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), I stumbled across this February 19th post by The Pedantic Punctuator about picking a date for publishing. Since I am getting ready to publish my 6th novel and still feel like a newbie, I decided to take a look and quickly got sucked in. I hope you enjoy the post as much as I did!


Picking a Date for Publishing.

In the past six months or so, I’ve had a couple of instances where clients have chosen to put their books up for Pre-Order via Amazon, and we’ve run into some issues with timing, hence the reason for today’s post.

Picking a Date for Publishing.

It’s one of the most important things you will do.  Sure, you’ve sweated blood putting words onto the page.  You’ve hemorrhaged your heart and soul into your manuscript.  You’ve written a first draft, gone through it again with a fine tooth comb, turning it into the second draft.  You’ve read it again, tweaking, and adjusting, and looking for issues in your story.  (At least – I hope that’s what you’ve done! You need to have done some editing and rewriting work before you hand off to an editor.)

And now, you’re ready to take the next step…

Picking a Date for Publishing.

No. Nope. Nuh. Not Yet.

To publish, a number of factors need to line up in perfect synchronicity for this to be a positive and enjoyable experience.  Not one filled with angst, panic and tears.

Some things you need to be doing first:

  1.  Have the book edited… READ MORE HERE!

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