Guest Post ~ by Author Sarah Sutton

TWO KINDS OF US was such a fun story to write, mostly because it focuses on this girl, Destelle, so desperate to find out who she is and a boy, Harry, who feels like he’s lost his true self. Their dynamic is so inspiring to me, and whenever there was a scene with them together (and since it’s a romance, there were a LOT), I loved the tension and the way they always supported each other.

If I had to choose my favorite scene from the whole book, I think it would be the one where they share their first kiss. There’s something so magical about first kisses in themselves, but watching these two characters come together and take the risk of falling for someone, it’s just so great to me. Maybe it’s because I know they’re still both struggling with their inner demons at this point, but it’s also a way to take back the control of their lives. They’re both deciding that the other person is worth the risk, worth the fight, and there’s something so romantic about that to me.

These two characters have their struggles and conflicts, but it was so fun to see them grow over the course of this book. By the end, the journey they went through together really made them solid. Not just in each other, but confident in themselves as well. Harry and Destelle definitely hold my heart.

10 Rapid Fire Questions About Me

  1. What is your favorite movie?
    I’ve got two that I could watch again and again until the end of time—Tangled and Monte Carlo.
  2. Which of your novels can you see being made into a movie?
    I could definitely, definitely see TWO KINDS OF US being turned into a movie. Cute lead singers and a girl hiding her true identity? I’d so watch that!
  3. What is something unique and quirky about you?
    I’m obsessed with Coca-Cola and my favorite animal is a manatee!
  4. How did you become an author?
    I was in the first grade when I first starting writing—a Gingerbread Man fan-fiction. It was amazing (not really).
  5. What do you do to unwind or relax?
    It changes all the time, but I really like to listen to some relaxing music and journal out whatever’s going on in my brain!
  6. What’s your favorite food?
    Right now, I’m obsessed with breakfast tacos, especially the ones from a little shop near me. I’d marry one if I could!.
  7. Favorite book?
    Nevermore by Kelly Creagh will always be a favorite!
  8. Favorite ice cream flavor?
    I’m love, love, loving one scoop of chocolate paried with one scoop of cookie dough. It’s the perfect combination!
  9. Favorite TV show?
    I will always love The Vampire Diaries, but I recently just finished Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I’ve got to say—it was epic!
  10. Favorite piece of writing advice?
    “Always remember why you’re writing.”

Ten fun questions about TWO KINDS OF US!

  1. What did you enjoy most about writing this book? This is a secret identities romance, so it was really fun trying to bring that aspect of keeping oneself hidden onto the page! My main character, Destelle, has this alter ego type of persona that gives her a boost of confidence, and it was fun to write out that dynamic. Destelle is more quiet and reserved, but that other persona, Stella, was confident and easygoing, and detailing out the journey of the two meshing into one was so much fun.
  2. Do you have any side stories about the characters? Not a side story per-se, but there is a character in this book who is going to get her own story very, very soon…
  3. What did you edit out of this book? A lot of this book was tweaked and reorganized, actually! I was looking back on it the other day and smiled a bit at how much this story has changed. In the original first draft, my main character, Destelle, actually had a really skeevy ex-boyfriend who caused a lot of conflict toward the middle of the book. I ultimately ended up cutting him because I thought he was just a bit too stereotypical, and the story functions much smoother without him.
  4. What is your favorite part of this book and why? Definitely the main character and the love interest. Harry, our main guy, is a tortured soul who has had a rough past, and him and Destelle, who’s lead more of a privileged life, interacting was so much fun to write. They’re quite opposite of each other, which is why this is really an opposites attract romance as well, but they really bring out the best in each other.
  5. Can you tell us a bit about the main characters? As I mentioned above, Harry’s had a rough past. He’s trying to find himself again after going through a life event that really rocked his world. He’s ashamed of his past, so when he meets Destelle, she makes him feel like he can leave it all behind. And Destelle’s a really interesting character too. She struggles with being her true self because she lives under the strict rule of her parents, so for a breath of fresh air, she created a persona named Stella. Her parents can never know about Stella, so watching her try to hide that identity was so cool to draw out. And, of course, the idea of telling Harry the truth about those identities, that caused a bit of anxiety!
  6. How long did it take you to write this book? I wrote this book for NaNoWriMo 2020, but it took me a little over a month to write to completion. But it was pretty swift moving after that! Wrote the very first draft in November, and now here we are!
  7. If this book were made into a film, who would play the lead? OOH, for Destelle, I can see maybe Bailey Madison or Odeya Rush. Odeya is a bit on the older side, but she’s definitely got the look down! For Harry, I picture him maybe as Jace Norman or Jay Jay Warren!
  8. Did you make a playlist for this book? I did! I put about ten songs on it, but one that really stands out as the perfect song for this book has got to be “Beautiful People” by Ed Sheeran!
  9. What was the hardest part to write? I think the hardest part for me was crafting the side character dynamics. I was so obsessed with Harry and Stella for the longest time that I really did struggle to go back and make sure that the side characters got some love too!
  10. Can we expect anything more from you in the future? Yes! I’ve got one more book coming out this year in November, and it’s going to be my first ever Christmas romance. I’m super excited to dive into that book and see where that wintery journey takes me!

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