Behind Locked Doors: SHE


The dark night shields her as she swims in the glow of the moon.

The setting sun brings with it the strength she’ll feel soon.

In the eve her afterlife she cherishes.

As the sun rises her afterlife all but parishes.

Where others fear, she shakes with excitement.

It is her fortitude not her indictment.

Where others hide, covered in a blanket like a shroud,

She stands tall, confident, and proud.

Where others crumble in shame,

she drives on to lead them to fame.

On dry land she’s fluid and all but floats through the air,

but into the water and a master is what you’ll find there.

Her speed… Her skill… Her freedom within,

they allow her powers that have never been.

For she is one with the waves, and in control of the night.

Open your heart to her beauty or it is you she may smite.

(c) Nina Soden