Aging Gracefully?

I had a dream last night, and it wasn’t pleasant. It all started with my sister, my brother-in-law, my husband, and of course me. We were at my high school reunion. Why my sister who graduated a year before me was there I have no idea. But, the rest of her class was there too, so I suppose we had our reunions together, whatever!

The reunion started out fine, but then suddenly as I took a bite of the baked cod in front of me, I lost a tooth. Yeah, a tooth! I smiled (closed mouth) nodded toward the bathroom and made a graceful exit. Once in the bathroom I looked at my reflection with horror as I saw the wrinkled gray haired woman staring back at me and suddenly all of my teeth were loose in my mouth and began to fall out. I frantically made my way to our table pulled my husband out of his seat and dragged him out to the car without a word.

I woke up and quickly threw my hands to my mouth feeling tooth by tooth to ensure they were all still there and secure in there rightful spots. They were! And in the mirror I found the same familiar reflection I always see. Thank you God!

So, what did my dream mean and why? I can only speculate but I would say ‘fear of growing old’. I’m not old or at least not old for my age. I don’t go to bed at 7pm and wake up at 4am to read the paper and sit on the rocking chair on the porch to watch the sun come up. Side thought – porch rocking chairs need to go during the next garage sale! I don’t want to be ‘that’ old lady.

I don’t actually feel old, or maybe I’m just suppressing those feelings. I can see how a dream like this could lead woman to tummy tucks, face lifts, Botox, and the all to noticeable breast enhancement! “No honey don’t get excited I’m not getting a boob job!”

So what can I take away from this dream? Who knows, but I will say one thing, next year when I my 20 year high school reunion comes along (yes 20 years – don’t do the math!) I refuse to be the grey haired old woman out on the dance floor. I don’t have a single gray hair now (and no I don’t dye my hair) and I plan to stay that way! Wrinkles? Sure we all get them but I still think I look young for my age and besides all my classmates are aging too, right?