Kudos to Kudos Spa..

Kudos to Kudos Spa…

I have spent the last two days nourishing and conditioning my hair with the products of Kudos Spa!

At firstĀ glance the nourishing shampoo and conditioning milk look RICH!!! I love the packaging, simple yet elegant. My first thought was that at only 1.1oz. per bottle they wouldn’t be good for more than one or two uses, at least not with all of my hair. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the shampoo lathered up the second it touched my hair, and that just a quarter size amount was able to completely wash all of my hair. The conditioner was the same, coating my hair in a smooth cream with only a minimum amount.

Although the fragrance is a little more masculine than I tend to like, the overall outcome has been great. My hair feels silkier, and it is less frizzy than it has been in a while. I would buy this product if they sold it at Target!

The sad news is that I have looked online, and the only place I have found it so far is through hotel supply companies. Since I am not in the market to buy 300 little bottles of shampoo and conditioner, I guess this isn’t the right stop for me. I shall continue my search of the perfect hair products, and hopefully what I end up with is an easy to find, reasonably priced product that really works!