Been a While…

Okay, so I’ve been gone, from my blog, from my book, from anything and everything creative that has to do with writing. I guess I’m just not feeling very creative in that area of my life. Oh well… it happens… life goes on!

I did however complete my goal of moving through all of my tiny little bottles of hotel shampoo and conditioner. With the sad realization that I absolutely did not do blogs on all of them, but what I found was they really were not blog worthy. I wonder if the companies that supply the hotels just don’t put out as high quality products for hotels, thinking that quantity outweighs quality.

Oh well, I am still on a mission, and I do plan to find the perfect hair care product for my crazy, think, curly, and almost always frizzy hair!

Next stop… WEN hair care by Chaz Dean. A coworker of mine recently started using it, and can not stop raving about it. Maybe my search should have started there. However, the price isn’t really what I had hoped to spend! That’s right, price does play a role in my decisions on hair care. Actually not only hair care, but clothing, entertainment, just about everything.

Where don’t I penny pinch? My children’s education, the health of my family and myself, the safety of my family and myself. I’m sure there are other areas, but really I think that penny-pinching is one of the special qualities that make me who I am. What I really wish is that I could figure out how to “coupon” shop. People are saving hundreds at every visit to the grocery store, and yet I can’t seem to save more than 4%. What is the secret? Where does someone learn to do that? How?

Oh yeah – just watched the first episode of ‘Ringer’ with Sarah Michelle Geller, LOVED IT!

This blog post has just been one big random purging of information, sorry. I just needed to type and this was what came out!