On a side note… Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort!

This blog is a place for me to journal my journey as I write and hopefully publish my first book series. However, I am choosing to deviate from that path just this once. My amazing husband and I just celebrated seven years together, and in doing so we took a vacation, as most couples do. We went down to Destin, and I soooooo recommend it! However, I have very few good words to say for the resort we stayed at, the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.

Where do I start? Well, first off the room was more of a condo than a hotel, which would be good for family vacations, but not really for a romantic couples retreat. Secondly the paint was pealing off the ceiling and walls in more than one location, the inside of the shower curtain was moldy, and the balcony railing was about to fall off. We were eleven floors up, so having the railing fall while we gazed out at the beautiful ocean view wouldn’t have been a “good time”.

I will say this though, when we had to call maintenance on the second morning (not fun) because the tub wouldn’t drain, it only took them an hour to get there and fix it. So, woo hoo for the maintenance crew.  Although, honestly, for the price we were spending we should never have had to call maintenance. We were only there three nights… hello!!!

Okay, that is my rant. I would like them to call me and give me a free three night (weekend please) stay to make up for the issues we had while we were there, but I highly doubt that would ever happen.

3 thoughts on “On a side note… Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort!

  1. Hi Nina,

    We are sorry to hear about your bad experience with us and will have someone from the front office contact you shortly.

    Elizabeth Orr
    Internet Marketing Coordinator
    Sandestin® Golf and Beach Resort
    9300 Emerald Coast Pkwy West
    Destin, FL 32550


  2. Elizabeth,

    Thank you for actually responding. One of your representatives did get in touch with my husband after reading my blog post and offered us 20% off our next stay. However, having gone with Expedia to book our vacation we stayed for three nights at the price of only two. That was a 33% discount. We would be paying more taking your offer than we already did.

    With the cost of the trip being so high and the quality of the room being so low the offer just doesn’t make sense.

    Again, thank you for your concern.


  3. Gotta say, Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort has stepped up!!!

    They contacted my husband again yesterday and offered us two free nights to make up for the bad experience we had with them over our anniversary weekend. We are waiting to hear from them to find out when we are able to use the free nights, but are very excited about the idea of going back and trying again.

    Thank you for the offer…


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