Behind Locked Doors – Never Looking Back

He sat alone in his small one room apartment the windows open and the moonlight shining through. As he warmed up his guitar he could hear his neighbors yelling to shut up and turn it down. He didn’t care so he played on. Song after song the yelling got louder… Until finally…

Sick of their torments he focused his thoughts. Into their minds he traveled showing them pictures of those he had killed… Blood he had shed… Lives he had ruined. Slowly he drained them of their energy, their sanity, until the images were too much. They crumpled in the corners of their own homes, crying in fear and sadness. In a matter of moments he found his way into their rooms and feed on their weak trembling bodies. Full and energized he went back to his music never looking back.

(c) Copyright Soden, Nina 2011

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