Turning Point by K.M. Smith (giveaway)

Turning Point by K.M. Smith ~ Genre: Paranormal Urban Fantasy

Adam is the resident vampire in a small college town in Michigan. It’s the same scenario every night: wander campus, snag a co-ed for dinner, get home before dawn. Rinse. Repeat–until an irresistible new professor appears. From the shadows, he follows her every footstep, lurking, until he witnesses a tragic accident. As life drains from the object of his desire, he is faced with an impossible choice: Should he intervene or not?

22 years later, Alice Peterson is well on her way to graduating from college. Her life and goals are set, and her future is bright. But Alice meets Adam and a tempestuous wind portends a different fate. Thrust into a world she thought to be fictitious, Alice must rely on wit, cunning and newfound powers if she hopes to survive. Adam will do what he must to keep Alice from learning too much about her past, including the unthinkable.
No good deed goes unpunished as familial bonds are pushed to their limit and new relationships are tested. Filled with action and bloodlust-fueled drama, read on to unlock the mystery when Alice reaches her Turning Point.

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K.M. Smith has been around the world and currently resides in Texas. Writing is her passion, and writing about vampires and people with different supernatural abilities makes her giddy. Growing up in Michigan and spending time in several parts of the world has provided her with unique perspectives and innumerable opportunities for storytelling. K.M. is married to a wonderful and understanding man, and she is the mother of two children who test her knowledge of life and push her limits of caffeine intake daily. She is a bit of a dabbler and jumps headfirst into any endeavor she takes on (like writing a book and turning it into a series). When not at her desk, she can be found smashing her way through the tennis courts in the suburbs of Houston. Occasionally, she can be found writing at her blog kristynotkirsty.com.

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Behind Locked Doors: It Has Always Been You!


He stood in the doorway, back against the cold brick wall, hidden by the dark shadows of the night. The rain poured down in sheets, but with his keen hearing he heard every drip… every drop… every splash as if the goddesses were playing a beautiful symphony just for him. He waited patiently until finally from across the street he saw her step out of her door.

She pulled the umbrella over her head, to shield herself from the rain. As the street light softly lit her face he could see the bruise covering her left cheek and the tears pouring from her eyes. It took less than a second and he was across the street and through the door before it closed behind her. All she felt was a cool gust of wind as he passed. Then she continued on her way.

Once inside, he didn’t give him time to react. Grabbing him off the couch and smashing the liquor bottle he was sucking down over his head the went down easily. He could hear through the thin walls of the old building the little old woman next door phoning the police. He knew he had to act fast and finish what he had started, but he wasn’t worried about being caught.

With his teeth like blades he bit easily into the drunk man’s neck and drained him quickly. Wiping the blood from his chin he stepped back into the rain. For only a moment he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. He could smell her…  sense her… feel her. Hearing the sirens approaching in the distance he took off down the road, turning right… then left following his instincts and his heart.

Her trail ended in a dark alley between two old abandoned factory buildings. He was confused… Worried for her safety… He had never lost her scent before. He had never been more than a stone’s throw away from her and he always made sure he could see and hear her at all times. He was like her guardian angel from a far… If guardian angels killed.

Although he knew he could never hold her… feel her touch… or taste her lips he would always protect her and in his heart and soul he would always love her. His heart, though it no longer beats, would always long for her and his soul, though condemned to walk alone, would always belong to her.

Falling to his knees he cried out in pain.

He searched for days covering every inch of the two buildings and the property. When he finally gave up and stood in the shadows silent and alone he turned to leave. But then, a feeling came over him… Her scent… Her touch… She was there! Something was different… He couldn’t hear the beat of her heart. He turned and in seconds her body was against his.

Her lips so close to his that he could taste her breath… Her hand softly ran down his arm, and she leaned in close and whispered in his ear, “It has always been you.” He took her in his arms grabbing her tightly… passionately… not willing to let go, and he kissed her hard with everything he had.

Behind Locked Doors: Forbidden Angel


Torn between good and evil… heaven and hell! His heart pulls him closer and closer toward the forbidden angel. Her beauty strikes like a knife deep into his heart. He longs to be with her, but knows it shall never be. He forces his hand and strikes back. Attack… Attack… Attack… It’s easier now to go into the dark. Follow the light from hell’s burning flames.

Alone in the dark he finds his soul shattered and torn apart. He is tormented by his love for this angelic beauty and his propensity to destroy everything and everyone around him. The fight inside him grows until he can no longer stand it. He runs into the night searching for anything he can sink his teeth into. As he turns the corner there she is…

Not quite as beautiful or as sweet, but she would do to ease his pain. From behind he moves like a ghost, not making a sound. With hands of fire and ice he scoops her up and is out of sight in seconds. Under the cover of the willow trees he looks deep into her eyes calling to her fear to show itself. She screams!

A grin appears on his face showing his fangs like blades. He sinks them deep into her throat and drains her as her breath slows and her screams stop. His thirst is gone, but still he longs for the lovely angel he cannot have.


Copyright: Nina Soden 2014

Behind Locked Doors: Looks Can Be Deceiving…


She sat alone at the end of the hotel bar. Her lips as red as blood sparkled as she licked off the last drop of her vodka martini – extra dry. She looked around the dimly lit room and her dark hair glistened under the blue lights. Her deep brown eyes focused on her potential mates. Tall… Short… Thin… Large… Balding… 

No one caught her eye. To the casual observer she would seem out-of-place in her skin-tight black dress and her thigh-high black boots. But she waited…

After about an hour as the bartender was bringing her last drink of the night she noticed a man seated at the opposite end of the bar. She hadn’t noticed him come in. It was as if he had appeared out of nowhere. Dressed in all black he stood out from the men and women around the room. His hair was perfect not a single piece out-of-place. His body was as tight as a board and she felt a strong desire to run her hands across his chest. 

Silently, she waited for the right moment, she watched him from the corner of her eye. His eyes seemed to glow with an amber fire. His chin was that of a statue chiseled from stone. Women approached him eager for his attention, but he brushed them aside uninterested in their flirtatious conversations, and their drunken seductions. Every now and then he glanced at the beauty at the other end of the bar.

She just looked back showing no emotion… no care… All the while inside her heart was pounding in her chest… A rush of life was flowing throughout her body… Excitement made her want to run to him… Desire kept her where she was. There was something different and new about him. The way he talked… The way he moved… The way the whole room seemed centered on his energy.

The bar was about to close and all but maybe a handful of patrons had gone off to their rooms to sleep. She slowly sipped the last drop from her glass and popped the olive into her mouth, licking her finger clean as she glanced again to the other end of the bar.

But he was gone… She didn’t know where… She hadn’t seen him move… And no one else seemed to have noticed. Disappointed she slipped down from her bar stool, and threw her wrap around her shoulders. 

Alone in the elevator she pressed the button for the penthouse suite, and as the doors closed she could feel someone slowly running their hand down her back. Scared and excited… She didn’t move. As he gently took her hand in his she turned to see his handsome face, and his amber eyes staring directly into hers. It felt like he was looking right through her and into her soul… Reading everything there was to know about her.

She took a step and closed the gap between them as he ran his fingers down her cheek and around the back of her neck. Her lips fell slightly open, she could almost taste him. He stopped the elevator as he pulled her body against his own. Every inch of her skin was tingling with excitement from his touch. Without warning he turned with her in his grasp… With her back against the wall and his body holding her in place she couldn’t move… Couldn’t scream – even if she had wanted to, but she didn’t.

His right hand slowly caressed her left thigh moving her dress up. He lifted her as she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. She could feel his arousal as he touched her body. Warm and wet she wanted… Needed… Craved what she knew was about to happen. Then without warning his lips turned up and a wicked smile formed on this face unveiling fangs as white as snow and as sharp as blades.

She didn’t move, but smiled instead. And as quick as the lightning in the sky she pulled a sharp wooden stake out from under her dress where it had been strapped to the inside if her thigh all along. As he grabbed her neck and his teeth sank into her smooth flesh she plunged the stake through his back and deep into his heart. He drank from her… Trying to find a way to survive, yet knowing there was no chance.

His grip loosened and she slid her legs down and placed her feet back on the ground. His lifeless body slowly sank to the floor and turned to ash. She stood up casually wiped off her dress and pushed the penthouse button again. As the doors slowly opened she steps over his ashes and into the room. “It’s taken care of master. Anything else I can do for you?”

A tall muscular man more handsome than any mere human could dream to be, walked over to her and took her in his arms, “You have done well my dear. Now you must rest.” he kissed her softly on the hand and held her close as they disappeared deeper into the room. 

(c) Copyright – Nina Soden 2014

Behind Locked Doors: Nameless


The hot water ran down her face and tickled every inch of her body from head to toe as it caressed her skin gliding along her smooth curves. The steam filled the shower as the floor to ceiling glass walls around her steamed up creating a cloud-like feeling of safety. Though the stress of the day could not be lifted by simple desires or cravings of the average being – she wanted more, craved more, needed more. She didn’t know what the burning inside of her was, but felt a deep longing as if calling out to someone or something. Then, in the distance she heard a scream. Though it should have scared her- it didn’t! She felt no fear but excitement burned inside her. Her heart raced as she waited, for what she didn’t know. But wait was all she could do! With her eyes closed she turned back to the door just as he stepped in. A chill of cold air-filled the shower and sent lightning throughout her body. She went limp in his arms as he tilted her head to the side. His teeth as sharp as blades pierced her skin like butter and the connection was made. Within moments the thirst had built up within her so extreme she felt that she could no longer contain it. With a quick movement he sliced his own wrist and she was drinking as deeply as he was. The connection was strong-intense-fierce. Slowly the thirst took over and she began to feel like there was no way to control it. She had to have him – all of him! No blood escaped her lips for all of him now belonged to her, and in his last breath she feasted. For her Blood thirst was too strong for even him to control. All have heard of her and know of her stories. It is said that she has no true name she is simply called…

(c) Nina Soden 2014

Behind Locked Doors: The Caged Bird


He walked into the club pushing past the bouncer… sliding his way through the crowd to the bar. Bodies rubbing together… the music so loud, you couldn’t hear your own voice, pounded throughout his body. Women threw themselves at him almost begging for his attention.

Once at the bar he called to the tender. B positive is his drink of choice. Behind the bar he looks over the assorted selection of humans on display. Glass rooms line the back bar, and inside each are men and woman eagerly waiting to be selected…

Taking his drink, poured from the tap, he turns to scan the room. Dancing… Jumping… Grinding… Feeding… There was action and movement all around him. “I’m here!” he heard her voice clearly as if she was whispering right into his ear, but no one was there. “I’m here!” he heard it again.

Looking around he couldn’t find her. “I’m here… Please… Up here.” the voice was in his head… She called to him… This had never happened before and he couldn’t understand it now. He looked up to find, hanging from the ceiling, large cages… one prize in each. As he scanned the cages his eyes crossed those young and old… But there in the center hung a woman… More beautiful than any he had ever know… Trapped like a caged bird.

Their eyes met… “Yes… I’m here… Help me please. I don’t belong here…” a surge of emotion flooded threw him. He knew he had to get to her… Had to have her… Had to help her! Without thinking he pushed his way into the middle of the floor… Leap up with more force than he had ever used before. Clinging to the bottom of the cage he pulled himself up…

The crowd still hypnotized by the music didn’t even seem to notice. Eye to eye they stared at each other, her inside the cage and him clinging to the outside. Never before had either of them felt such a connection. He tore the cage door open as he grabbed her into his arms. The door flew through the air landing on the crowd below.

Screams… Panic… Anger… Filled the room as everyone’s attention was pulled in their direction. “Are you ready?” he asked her. She responded without saying a word. With her in his arms he took a step. Seconds later they were on the ground… Back to back… Surrounded by the angry crowd.

The fight began. It felt like a dance the way their bodies moved together kicking… pushing… punching… scratching. She got her hands on a bar stool and spinning it over her head she managed to break it’s legs into perfect stakes! She took out 5 vamps for every 15 of his… Not bad for a human!

They finally made their way to the back of the bar as the fighting continued on the floor… No one really knowing why they were fighting but loving the trill of the game. Out the back door and into the night deep in her eyes he fell. Passion took over and in moments they were together… Locked in a passionate embrace.

He knew she was different… Knew he would never be able to have her… But longingly he would always love her. She thanked him with a look, and kissed him once again… Then into the night she disappeared never to be seen again.

(c) Nina Soden 2014

Behind Locked Doors: Beauty of the Night


The streets were crowded. Elbow to elbow people pushed past each other as they tried to get a glimpse of what was up ahead. Standing high above the crowd a beauty like no other was atop the distant building wall. Long dark hair glistening in the sunlight. Her silky white skin sparkled as the rain started to fall.

Looking up into the sky then down at the onlookers she gracefully stepped off the edge. As if moving in slow motion she floated to the ground. Without a sound she landed and was instantly gone. Confusion filled the crowd, but within seconds people were talking of the beauty, power, and magic that they had just witnessed.

No one noticed the young couple that had fallen victim to this deadly beauty, or the young man who disappeared now standing by her side in the shadows of the night.

Together they will rule the night, together they can’t be stopped. But boys don’t you worry he won’t last long for her temper is hot and she is bound to be looking for a new love soon. Just watch what you say and watch what you do! For she is sharp around the edges and she’s not afraid to cut you!

(c) Soden, Nina 2014

Behind Locked Doors – A Drifter…

A drifter in the night he lurks within the shadows and under the cover of the ever forgiving moon-light. Year after year and century after century he finds himself searching for the one who started it all. The one who turned him!

Visions of piercing blue eyes, long red flowing hair, and lips covered and dripping with blood race within his mind haunting his dreams. Every time he hunts – feeds – kills, he sees her face reminding him of the monster he has become. For he will never turn another, never condemn another soul as his as been condemned to live for all eternity in a life of blood lust – a life of sin! Forever alone!

Egypt, Rome, Vienna, Paris, England, Montreal, Asia, Africa, America, nowhere in the world has he found peace. For years he has hidden, deep beneath the earth, within the abandoned mines once rich with gold now dank and dusty. He roams the night, living by only the light of the moon and stars above. He has learned to control the thirst – the hunger no longer consumes his every thought, but still the life he lost taunts him. 

A decision… a mission… a wooden stake to his heart… and no longer shall he walk the earth alone.

Behind Locked Doors – Life After Death!

Photograph by William Tapaninen

Photograph by William Tapaninen

She woke up cold and unaware. Laying down she couldn’t tell where she was, and she was unable to move. She could feel straps across her legs, holding her arms down and across her chest. She wasn’t wearing any clothing and her skin felt numb yet wet.

The darkness surrounded her attacking her with voices and noises that couldn’t be identified. She couldn’t scream for the cloth shoved in her mouth so tightly every time she tried to speak she gagged. Tears poured down her face as she struggled to get free. Fear built within her until she could no longer breathe.

When she awoke again alone in the woods under the cover of leaves and grass, the draining process had been completed and the final stages of her transformation had begun. Her hunger was growing strong. But deep within she felt a sense of calm, strength and power. The fear was gone replaced with excitement for the new life ahead. Eager to learn she rushed into the woods around her. Within moments she was running, leaping, lunging. Feeding on a wild lion it was the most alive feeling she had ever had, and to think it was the first thing she had done since she died.

(c) Soden, Nina 2013

Rewrites… Week Five In Review

Haven't checked out the Blood Angel series on Facebook yet? Well, you should!

Haven’t checked out the Blood Angel series on Facebook yet? Well, you should! www.facebook.com/BloodAngelSeries

Why is it that when I’m approaching a personal deadline my life gets crazy CRAZY busy?!

Tech week… performances… babysitter cancelling… work deadlines leading to me having to work LATE EVERY NIGHT… stress… StReSs… STRESS!!!

Wow… So I didn’t have much time to do anything this past week, but I did get the book uploaded to the online self-publishing software. Now I just need to make the final edits, error corrections, format adjustments, etc. and then hit send!

Okay, it feels crazy that I am this close to publishing book two. If someone would have asked me two years ago if I believed I would publish a novel I would have said, doubtful! I definitely would never have guessed that I would have two full-length novels published! But man does it feel good.

Okay so here is a recap…

  • Week 1 – Reread the book and all editor’s notes – (YEAH, THAT DIDN”T GO AS PLANNED)
  • Week 2 – Outline changes, rearrange chapters (if needed) based on editor’s notes – (NOT REALLY GOING TO NEED TO OUTLINE CHANGES AND REARRANGE CHAPTERS – I WILL JUST USE THIS WEEK TO FINISH THE REREAD!)
  • Week 4 – Reread the book for content, timeline, character motivation (YEAH, I KIND OF CHEATED AND TOOK CARE OF THIS DURING WEEK 1. HEE HEE HEE)
  • Week 5 – Reread the book for edits: grammar, spelling, etc. (DONE and THANKFUL FOR IT!)

Yes, it was short but sweet… Next week my update better say “PUBLISHED”. However, I am not going to get down on myself either way… Just going to think positive!

Now, off the subject… Sunday was Mother’s Day and mine was great! My kids and husband got me the prettiest charms for my favorite bracelet and we got to go out to dinner after a day at the theatre. Spending the day on stage with my hubby and being backstage with my kids at the theatre (because the babysitter cancelled) was actually very nice. They were very well-behaved and loved by everyone.

Okay… back to work.

When you get a chance tell me how your writing is coming along. I know I talk a lot about myself here, but I really do care how my readers are doing and what you are all up to. Please share!