Behind Locked Doors: The Caged Bird


He walked into the club pushing past the bouncer… sliding his way through the crowd to the bar. Bodies rubbing together… the music so loud, you couldn’t hear your own voice, pounded throughout his body. Women threw themselves at him almost begging for his attention.

Once at the bar he called to the tender. B positive is his drink of choice. Behind the bar he looks over the assorted selection of humans on display. Glass rooms line the back bar, and inside each are men and woman eagerly waiting to be selected…

Taking his drink, poured from the tap, he turns to scan the room. Dancing… Jumping… Grinding… Feeding… There was action and movement all around him. “I’m here!” he heard her voice clearly as if she was whispering right into his ear, but no one was there. “I’m here!” he heard it again.

Looking around he couldn’t find her. “I’m here… Please… Up here.” the voice was in his head… She called to him… This had never happened before and he couldn’t understand it now. He looked up to find, hanging from the ceiling, large cages… one prize in each. As he scanned the cages his eyes crossed those young and old… But there in the center hung a woman… More beautiful than any he had ever know… Trapped like a caged bird.

Their eyes met… “Yes… I’m here… Help me please. I don’t belong here…” a surge of emotion flooded threw him. He knew he had to get to her… Had to have her… Had to help her! Without thinking he pushed his way into the middle of the floor… Leap up with more force than he had ever used before. Clinging to the bottom of the cage he pulled himself up…

The crowd still hypnotized by the music didn’t even seem to notice. Eye to eye they stared at each other, her inside the cage and him clinging to the outside. Never before had either of them felt such a connection. He tore the cage door open as he grabbed her into his arms. The door flew through the air landing on the crowd below.

Screams… Panic… Anger… Filled the room as everyone’s attention was pulled in their direction. “Are you ready?” he asked her. She responded without saying a word. With her in his arms he took a step. Seconds later they were on the ground… Back to back… Surrounded by the angry crowd.

The fight began. It felt like a dance the way their bodies moved together kicking… pushing… punching… scratching. She got her hands on a bar stool and spinning it over her head she managed to break it’s legs into perfect stakes! She took out 5 vamps for every 15 of his… Not bad for a human!

They finally made their way to the back of the bar as the fighting continued on the floor… No one really knowing why they were fighting but loving the trill of the game. Out the back door and into the night deep in her eyes he fell. Passion took over and in moments they were together… Locked in a passionate embrace.

He knew she was different… Knew he would never be able to have her… But longingly he would always love her. She thanked him with a look, and kissed him once again… Then into the night she disappeared never to be seen again.

(c) Nina Soden 2014

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