Behind Locked Doors: Nameless


The hot water ran down her face and tickled every inch of her body from head to toe as it caressed her skin gliding along her smooth curves. The steam filled the shower as the floor to ceiling glass walls around her steamed up creating a cloud-like feeling of safety. Though the stress of the day could not be lifted by simple desires or cravings of the average being – she wanted more, craved more, needed more. She didn’t know what the burning inside of her was, but felt a deep longing as if calling out to someone or something. Then, in the distance she heard a scream. Though it should have scared her- it didn’t! She felt no fear but excitement burned inside her. Her heart raced as she waited, for what she didn’t know. But wait was all she could do! With her eyes closed she turned back to the door just as he stepped in. A chill of cold air-filled the shower and sent lightning throughout her body. She went limp in his arms as he tilted her head to the side. His teeth as sharp as blades pierced her skin like butter and the connection was made. Within moments the thirst had built up within her so extreme she felt that she could no longer contain it. With a quick movement he sliced his own wrist and she was drinking as deeply as he was. The connection was strong-intense-fierce. Slowly the thirst took over and she began to feel like there was no way to control it. She had to have him – all of him! No blood escaped her lips for all of him now belonged to her, and in his last breath she feasted. For her Blood thirst was too strong for even him to control. All have heard of her and know of her stories. It is said that she has no true name she is simply called…

(c) Nina Soden 2014

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