Behind Locked Doors: A PRISONER of her flesh

moon door

As the wind carried a feather across a field, the music began to fill her heart. She knew not where it came from or who his heart played for, but her soul longed for more. As the sun set and the moon began to climb higher into the dark midnight sky she lay still waiting and longing… listening as the melody repeated, again and again and again.

More intense with every movement… Her heart began to pound, and her eyes began to fill with tears. For she could feel his love… she could feel his desires… She could feel his pain…

She wanted desperately to go to him… To comfort him… To hold him in her arms.

But… She was bound and tied… Forever to remain where her chains held her.

A prisoner of her flesh… A captive to her fears… All she could do was send her soul to be with his, to know that her heart would always live in his.

(c) Nina Soden 2014

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