To celebrate Halloween 2016…

I have released PURSUIT (book 4 ~ the Blood Angel Series)


Meet Phoebe Wenham…

Growing up in the most powerful coven of witches Atlanta, Michigan has ever known, gave Phoebe all the resources she needed to develop her craft. However, it wasn’t until the tragic slaughter at the annual Founders’ Celebration, when she lost her mother, her sister, and both of her grandmothers, that Phoebe really started to find her calling, her purpose. Her cousin Aleerah was the only surviving dhampir in history and her sister Petra had been a gifted, naturally talented, tracker. Magic didn’t come as easily for phoebe, but desperation leads to desperate measures, and Phoebe was bound and determined to carry on where her sister left off. Starting with the ancient ritual of the taking of blood Phoebe not only developed her tracking abilities she pushed herself physically, mentally, and magically until she became the High Council’s leading tracker.


October 2015 in Review


October came and went and we are not half way through November and I’m not really sure I’ve touched my blog. The time has just flown by and I have NOT been productive at all!!! At least not in my writing efforts. Granted I did release my latest novel on October 31st, but I have yet to start writing my next book. ūüė¶

I guess it is time to admit my failure… So, without further ado, let us take a look at the raw¬†data for October.


  • Blog Posts ‚Äď 4¬†(WHAT?!?! That is so sad… and yet, it is the 15th of November and I am posting my first post of the month. I have a feeling November will be even worse.)
  • Fiction Writing ‚ÄstNOTHING!!! I didn’t type a single word in October. However, I do have a reason. I am working with a local elementary school to help the 2nd graders write short stories. I’m going to be publishing a compilation of the 2nd-grade stories in a book sometime in December. So, my 2015 4th quarter is dedicated to the 100+ students and their wonderful imaginations. Their stories don’t always make sense, they don’t have clear plot lines, and they often have very random structure, but they are amazing too. I feel truly inspired by their creativity and their desire to write. Although I am editing the stories, just a little, I will not be changing their voice, their structure, or their plot lines. I want the kids to look back, years from now, and see how their minds worked at the age of 7 and 8. I plan to make the soft-cover¬†book available on Amazon, so that each of them can take pride in their story and be proud of themselves for what they accomplished. No, its not a book for everyone, but it would make a wonderful gift for a young child who has aspirations of one day becoming an author. ‘Adventures at School ~ Stories by Kids for Kids’ Look for it on Amazon.com later this year!


  • Reading:
    • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1)
  • Finished:
    • QBQ! The Question Behind the Question: Practicing Personal Accountability at Work and in Life by John G. Miller




  • SECTOR C ~ The Hunted – Book 2 of the SECTOR C Series NOW AVAILABLE HERE!
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What you’ll get if you win:

$20 Starbucks Gift Card – Because I’m addicted to Starbucks
1 Blood Angel Series travel coffee mug
A Sneak Peak (PDF Advance Reader Copy) of the first 2 chapters of my new novel:
SECTOR C ~ The Hunted coming out in October

The Winner Will Be Drawn and Announced:

on Friday September 25, 2015

How to Enter:

  1. Take a photo of you holding my book(s). If you have an eBook copy/copies, open the library/bookshelf on your eBook reader and take a photo of you with my book cover(s) visible. 
  2. Post your photo in the comments below, on twitter tagging me @Nina_Soden and #NinaSodenBooks, and on my Facebook page.  


 DISCLAIMER: You do not have to provide a mailing address at this time. However, if you win you will be contacted, through Facebook, and a mailing address will be requested. If you fail to provide a mailing address you will be forfeited as the winner, and the next person drawn will receive the prize!

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If you are as excited about this GIVEAWAY as I am, when you post your photo below, include a comment telling me and my readers why you want to win!

Help… I Need A Tagline!

OK, for the last few years I have been writing this blog under the appropriate tagline of:

Follow my journey as I write, edit, and publish my first Young Adult series

Although that was great (because I was in fact writing, editing, and publishing my first YA series) it no longer applies. My first series (The Blood Angel Series) has been published (Check it out here) and now I am working on a whole new series. So, I am in need of a new tagline Рsomething that speaks to me, my writing style, and my books.

Please HELP by completing the poll below!

Blog Tour Recap

I would like to thank everyone, bloggers and readers, that participated in my month-long blog tour.

For all of the bloggers that so graciously had me as either an interview guest or as a guest author I can’t thank you enough for inviting me into your world and including me. For all you readers out there who happily traveled from site to site with me each day to read along, I hope that my experiences have in some small way touched you or inspired you. If you have any more questions or if you just want to reach out and connect – please don’t hesitate to visit my site as often as you like and leave comments – I will respond!

Like so many others, writing is a passion of mine and I feel truly blessed for having experienced this tour, and am so grateful for everyone that participated.




Revenge, book 3, is NOW AVAILABLE!

Revenge ~ a Blood Angel novel ~ book 3

by Nina Soden

Life hasn’t been easy for Alee. Having almost died as a young child and then losing both of her parents shortly after her junior year in high school, all she wanted was a normal senior year. Little did she know that with the development of her powers, Atlanta’s founding members had taken notice of her and were watching her closely. And to top things off, an all out war between the lycanthropes and the members of The Underground erupted at the annual Founders’ Celebration, leaving Alee caught in the middle.

Dying in her father‚Äôs arms only to awaken in a pool of blood, surrounded by the mutilated corpses of those she loved most, who could blame Alee for what she did next? Wouldn’t you seek REVENGE?




AMAZON (eBook or Paperback)


If you didn’t get a chance to visit all of the posts I have included the links below for you to browse:

To visit the original list of posts with websites, direct links, and short links click HERE

Behind Locked Doors – A Drifter…

A drifter in the night he lurks within the shadows and under the cover of the ever forgiving moon-light. Year after year and century after century he finds himself searching for the one who started it all. The one who turned him!

Visions of piercing blue eyes, long red flowing hair, and lips covered and dripping with blood race within his mind haunting his dreams. Every time¬†he hunts –¬†feeds¬†– kills, he sees her face reminding him of¬†the monster he has become.¬†For he will never turn another, never condemn another soul as his as been condemned to live for all eternity in a life of blood lust – a life of sin! Forever alone!

Egypt, Rome, Vienna, Paris, England, Montreal, Asia, Africa, America, nowhere in the world has he found peace. For years he has hidden, deep beneath the earth, within the abandoned mines once rich with gold now dank and dusty. He roams the night, living by only the light of the moon and stars above. He has learned to control the thirst Рthe hunger no longer consumes his every thought, but still the life he lost taunts him. 

A decision… a mission… a wooden stake to his heart… and no longer shall he walk the earth alone.

Praise for Awaken!

So, a few weeks back I was a little down about a bad review, a two (2) star review to be exact. Okay, it wasn’t all bad the author did say he/she would be reading my next novel, but still the words “…easy to put down.” and “…lacks the professional touches with structure, hooks and cliffhangers” kept running through my head. I told myself over and over, “DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO REVIEWS!” but I’m a writer… of course I pay attention to reviews.

So, today as I was surfing the web I once again glanced at my book on Amazon.com and low and behold… a four (4) star review had been bestowed to Awaken. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to the reviewer for making my day just a little brighter. What did the review say? Well, let me show you…


Okay, yes this reviewer did point out that there are a few grammatical errors in the book, but also said that you get past them because you are too immersed in the story… IMMERSED IN THE STORY!!! WooHoo… What a wonderful complement. That anyone is immersed in my story and my characters is beyond amazing and wonderful to me. I am so thankful for this reader and hope that others can read and enjoy my story as much as she has.

Well what are you waiting for? Go download your copy, and while you’re at it go ahead and pick up ‘BEGINNINGS’ too.

Get them both HERE!

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