Behind Locked Doors: Beauty of the Night


The streets were crowded. Elbow to elbow people pushed past each other as they tried to get a glimpse of what was up ahead. Standing high above the crowd a beauty like no other was atop the distant building wall. Long dark hair glistening in the sunlight. Her silky white skin sparkled as the rain started to fall.

Looking up into the sky then down at the onlookers she gracefully stepped off the edge. As if moving in slow motion she floated to the ground. Without a sound she landed and was instantly gone. Confusion filled the crowd, but within seconds people were talking of the beauty, power, and magic that they had just witnessed.

No one noticed the young couple that had fallen victim to this deadly beauty, or the young man who disappeared now standing by her side in the shadows of the night.

Together they will rule the night, together they can’t be stopped. But boys don’t you worry he won’t last long for her temper is hot and she is bound to be looking for a new love soon. Just watch what you say and watch what you do! For she is sharp around the edges and she’s not afraid to cut you!

(c) Soden, Nina 2014

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