Behind Locked Doors: It Has Always Been You!


He stood in the doorway, back against the cold brick wall, hidden by the dark shadows of the night. The rain poured down in sheets, but with his keen hearing he heard every drip… every drop… every splash as if the goddesses were playing a beautiful symphony just for him. He waited patiently until finally from across the street he saw her step out of her door.

She pulled the umbrella over her head, to shield herself from the rain. As the street light softly lit her face he could see the bruise covering her left cheek and the tears pouring from her eyes. It took less than a second and he was across the street and through the door before it closed behind her. All she felt was a cool gust of wind as he passed. Then she continued on her way.

Once inside, he didn’t give him time to react. Grabbing him off the couch and smashing the liquor bottle he was sucking down over his head the went down easily. He could hear through the thin walls of the old building the little old woman next door phoning the police. He knew he had to act fast and finish what he had started, but he wasn’t worried about being caught.

With his teeth like blades he bit easily into the drunk man’s neck and drained him quickly. Wiping the blood from his chin he stepped back into the rain. For only a moment he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. He could smell her…  sense her… feel her. Hearing the sirens approaching in the distance he took off down the road, turning right… then left following his instincts and his heart.

Her trail ended in a dark alley between two old abandoned factory buildings. He was confused… Worried for her safety… He had never lost her scent before. He had never been more than a stone’s throw away from her and he always made sure he could see and hear her at all times. He was like her guardian angel from a far… If guardian angels killed.

Although he knew he could never hold her… feel her touch… or taste her lips he would always protect her and in his heart and soul he would always love her. His heart, though it no longer beats, would always long for her and his soul, though condemned to walk alone, would always belong to her.

Falling to his knees he cried out in pain.

He searched for days covering every inch of the two buildings and the property. When he finally gave up and stood in the shadows silent and alone he turned to leave. But then, a feeling came over him… Her scent… Her touch… She was there! Something was different… He couldn’t hear the beat of her heart. He turned and in seconds her body was against his.

Her lips so close to his that he could taste her breath… Her hand softly ran down his arm, and she leaned in close and whispered in his ear, “It has always been you.” He took her in his arms grabbing her tightly… passionately… not willing to let go, and he kissed her hard with everything he had.

Behind Locked Doors: Forbidden Angel


Torn between good and evil… heaven and hell! His heart pulls him closer and closer toward the forbidden angel. Her beauty strikes like a knife deep into his heart. He longs to be with her, but knows it shall never be. He forces his hand and strikes back. Attack… Attack… Attack… It’s easier now to go into the dark. Follow the light from hell’s burning flames.

Alone in the dark he finds his soul shattered and torn apart. He is tormented by his love for this angelic beauty and his propensity to destroy everything and everyone around him. The fight inside him grows until he can no longer stand it. He runs into the night searching for anything he can sink his teeth into. As he turns the corner there she is…

Not quite as beautiful or as sweet, but she would do to ease his pain. From behind he moves like a ghost, not making a sound. With hands of fire and ice he scoops her up and is out of sight in seconds. Under the cover of the willow trees he looks deep into her eyes calling to her fear to show itself. She screams!

A grin appears on his face showing his fangs like blades. He sinks them deep into her throat and drains her as her breath slows and her screams stop. His thirst is gone, but still he longs for the lovely angel he cannot have.


Copyright: Nina Soden 2014