Behind Locked Doors: Forbidden Angel


Torn between good and evil… heaven and hell! His heart pulls him closer and closer toward the forbidden angel. Her beauty strikes like a knife deep into his heart. He longs to be with her, but knows it shall never be. He forces his hand and strikes back. Attack… Attack… Attack… It’s easier now to go into the dark. Follow the light from hell’s burning flames.

Alone in the dark he finds his soul shattered and torn apart. He is tormented by his love for this angelic beauty and his propensity to destroy everything and everyone around him. The fight inside him grows until he can no longer stand it. He runs into the night searching for anything he can sink his teeth into. As he turns the corner there she is…

Not quite as beautiful or as sweet, but she would do to ease his pain. From behind he moves like a ghost, not making a sound. With hands of fire and ice he scoops her up and is out of sight in seconds. Under the cover of the willow trees he looks deep into her eyes calling to her fear to show itself. She screams!

A grin appears on his face showing his fangs like blades. He sinks them deep into her throat and drains her as her breath slows and her screams stop. His thirst is gone, but still he longs for the lovely angel he cannot have.


Copyright: Nina Soden 2014

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