Dee Rose ~ Author Interview

Today I would like to welcome Dee Rose, author of The Death Brothers: A Supernatural Awakening, to my site!

Let’s start by finding out a little bit about you…

  1. What is your name and do you write under a pen name? My name is Dion Rosborough and I write under the name Dee Rose.
  2. Where do you call home? I reside in Denver, Colorado.
  3. Obviously, we know you are an author, but some writers have other jobs as well. Do
    you have another occupation? Do you believe you’re any good at it? Do you like what you do?
    Yes, I do have another occupation. I am a supervisor at a delivery company. I think I am decent at it, but no, I do not like it.
  4. If it doesn’t bother you, can you let us know what your childhood home looked like?
    My childhood home was a duplex. It was ok because my mother’s landlord lived
    upstairs from us. She still lives there, by the way. She has lived there for forty-six
  5. Do you have any hobbies, other than writing? What do you enjoy doing? My other hobbies include rapping and being a movie buff.
  6. What is your greatest dream? My greatest dream was to become the first black president. Obviously with Obama, that won’t happen.
  7. Not to pry too much, but do you remember your first love? Yes, I do remember my first love. I was in high school. I asked her out and she said
    no. It broke my heart.
  8. What is the most terrible thing that ever happened to you? The most terrible thing that’s ever happened to me was being shot twice in the back at the Aurora Theater shooting in 2012. I was there watching the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight.
  9. What or who inspired you to start writing? And how long have you been writing? Stephen King inspired me to start writing. I enjoy his work. I’ve been writing for about
    thirty years. However, I took a long break after I joined the military. I began writing
    again in my late twenties.
  10. Who is your role model? One of my role models was Bill Clinton.
  11. What is your greatest fear? My greatest fear is a tie between heights and snakes.
  12. Do you prefer e-books, paperbacks, hard-covers or audio-books? I prefer paperbacks. I can pack them up and take them anywhere to read.
  13. Have you ever read a book more than once? And if so what was it? No, I have never read a book more than once.
  14. What is your opinion of novellas? At first, I’d never really had any thoughts about novellas. But now, as an author of novellas, I’ve come to like them.
  15. What is your favorite film based on a book? My favorite film based on a book is The Color Purple.
  16. What is your favorite book genre at the moment? My favorite book genre at the moment is fantasy/magical realism.
  17. If you could invite any four (4) celebrities (alive or dead) to your dinner party, who
    would you invite and why?
    I would invite Al Pacino because he starred in two of my favorite movies, Scarface and The Godfather. I would invite Denzel Washington because I believe he is the greatest actor of his generation and he is very intelligent. I would invite Magic Johnson because he is my all-time favorite basketball player. And last, by not least, I would invite Dr. Martin Luther King Jr just to pick his brain to soak up everything he felt and knew.

Let’s shift somewhat to talk about your latest story!

  1. What is the name of your most recent book and if you had to sum it up in 20 or fewer
    words, what would you say?
    The name of my most recent book is entitled, The Death Brothers: A Supernatural Awakening. To sum it up, it is about the vampire slayer, Jericho Caine and the demon hunter, Father Tom Padilla as they come to terms with being the reincarnated Death Brothers.
  2. Is the above book part of a series? Yes, the book is part of a series called the Hangman Universe (HMU). It is the eighth book in a planned ten book series.
  3. How did you come up with the cover? Who designed the cover of your book(s)? I found a designer of the website Fiverr. She has done the cover of my last five books.
    I adore her. She is from Australia. I found pictures that I wanted to use that illustrated
    both lead characters (a cross for the priest and sword of the vampire slayer) and the
    menacing face in the background of the main villain, Thaden.
  4. How did you come up with the title for your book(s)? Once I came up with the two main characters roles in the book, The Death Brothers, I thought about what the book was about, which was the awakening of several supernatural beings.
  5. In your latest novel, who is the lead character and can you tell us a little about
    There are two lead characters in my book. The first is Jericho Caine, the vampire
    slayer. He is the one true slayer who loves to drink, have sex, and steal pickup trucks
    while fighting evil, mostly vampires. Father Tom Padilla is a demon hunter and the other half of the Death Brothers. He is a renown exorcist, but a former priest. He is regarded as the brains of the operation and the sensible one.
  6. What is your character’s greatest strength? Jericho Caines greatest strength is his loyalty to Tom and his friends. Tom’s greatest
    strength is his it’s either “right or wrong” mentality. There are no gray areas for Tom.
  7. And what are his/her greatest weaknesses? Jericho’s greatest weakness is his trust of humans no matter their flaws. Tom greatest weakness is his belief that people can’t change.
  8. What’s a positive quality that your character is unaware that he or she has? A positive quality Jericho has is that he cares more about people than he lets on. A
    positive quality that Tom is unaware of is that his faith guides his decisions.
  9. Will readers like or dislike this character, and why? I believe readers will like the character Jericho Caine because he is funny, witty and
    cares deep down about people. The think people will be just ok with Tom. He is the
    normal one out of the two. Some might say, boring.
  10. What first gave you the idea for your latest book? The Death Brothers were introduced in fifth book in the series called The Bad Angel: Redemption. I came up with the idea of brothers, one who fought vampires and one, who fought werewolves in eighteenth century Europe. I thought I would have their legacy continue by having them reincarnated over and over throughout time to fight the forces of evil.
    Let’s talk now about your writing process.
  11. What is your writing style like? Are you a pantster or a plotter? I believe I am a panster. I come up with my characters and decide what they are going to do while writing. Nothing is planned.
  12. Have you come across any specific challenges in writing or publishing? What would
    you do differently the next time?
    My initial problem that I’ve come across was trying to find an agent. Then I tried to find a publisher. As the rejection letters mounted, so did my frustration. I knew I had a story I wanted to get tell, so I decided to self-publish. If I could do it differently, I would have skipped the mission to find an agent and went directly to self-publishing.
  13. Are you a self-published/Indie author or did you publish through a traditional
    publishing company?
    I am a self-published author.
  14. What’s the best advice that you have been given when it comes to writing? The best advice I’ve been given when it comes to writing, is get out the story and worry about the editing later.
  15. What advice would you give someone who wants to start writing? I would just tell a new author to not give up if they believe in their imagination and writing abilities. I believe that time will tell a person if they should continue or not.



Dee Rose was born on July 5th and resides in Denver, CO, where he studied Political Science at Metropolitan State University. He has two children, Nadia and Nicole. He started writing when he entered a writing contest at William A. Wirt high school in Gary, IN. “My goal is to blow people’s minds.” He says. “But sound cool doing it.”

The Hangman laughed at Sariel. “Looks like Caine and Padilla have finally pissed off more than just the underworld.”

Two weeks have passed since the events of the Hangman Returns. Jericho Caine and Father Tom Padilla, the Death Brothers, return to The Reefs in the Gulf of Mexico to settle a score with the vampire sirens. However, a female angel, Sariel, with romantic intentions toward Jericho, plans to separate the brothers and seduce the slayer. Sariel strikes a deal with the Hangman to distract the brothers by casting a spell that resurrects vanquished supernatural beings in New York. In return, Sariel agrees to help the Hangmen bring back his wife and son, who are Heaven.

Sariel also recruits a vengeful scientist, Dr. Ranken, to create a monster, who is a combination of a rare male vampire siren, and a werewolf. Sariel wants the doctor and his creation, Thaden, to only eliminate Tom, but they have other plans. They hire a hitman, to acquire a mystical weapon called the Takara Dagger. It has the power to kill any living being, including angels and demons. They intend to kill anyone that poses a threat to their ascension to power. As the new threat grows, the Death Brothers must face the danger without their allies. Susan Taki, Tom’s girlfriend, is still in a coma in San Diego. The Grand Librarian, Alexander Merryweather, is in Chicago tending to his new family.

The Death Brothers: A supernatural Awakening is the eighth novella in the HMU series beginning with; The Hangman; The Grand Librarian: Life of an Immortal; Father Tom Padilla: Mark of the Demon Priest; Jericho Caine, Vampire Slayer: Dakota Rises; The Bad Angel: Redemption; The Hangman Returns; and The Grand Librarian: The Future Wizards.

Behind Locked Doors: Looks Can Be Deceiving…


She sat alone at the end of the hotel bar. Her lips as red as blood sparkled as she licked off the last drop of her vodka martini – extra dry. She looked around the dimly lit room and her dark hair glistened under the blue lights. Her deep brown eyes focused on her potential mates. Tall… Short… Thin… Large… Balding… 

No one caught her eye. To the casual observer she would seem out-of-place in her skin-tight black dress and her thigh-high black boots. But she waited…

After about an hour as the bartender was bringing her last drink of the night she noticed a man seated at the opposite end of the bar. She hadn’t noticed him come in. It was as if he had appeared out of nowhere. Dressed in all black he stood out from the men and women around the room. His hair was perfect not a single piece out-of-place. His body was as tight as a board and she felt a strong desire to run her hands across his chest. 

Silently, she waited for the right moment, she watched him from the corner of her eye. His eyes seemed to glow with an amber fire. His chin was that of a statue chiseled from stone. Women approached him eager for his attention, but he brushed them aside uninterested in their flirtatious conversations, and their drunken seductions. Every now and then he glanced at the beauty at the other end of the bar.

She just looked back showing no emotion… no care… All the while inside her heart was pounding in her chest… A rush of life was flowing throughout her body… Excitement made her want to run to him… Desire kept her where she was. There was something different and new about him. The way he talked… The way he moved… The way the whole room seemed centered on his energy.

The bar was about to close and all but maybe a handful of patrons had gone off to their rooms to sleep. She slowly sipped the last drop from her glass and popped the olive into her mouth, licking her finger clean as she glanced again to the other end of the bar.

But he was gone… She didn’t know where… She hadn’t seen him move… And no one else seemed to have noticed. Disappointed she slipped down from her bar stool, and threw her wrap around her shoulders. 

Alone in the elevator she pressed the button for the penthouse suite, and as the doors closed she could feel someone slowly running their hand down her back. Scared and excited… She didn’t move. As he gently took her hand in his she turned to see his handsome face, and his amber eyes staring directly into hers. It felt like he was looking right through her and into her soul… Reading everything there was to know about her.

She took a step and closed the gap between them as he ran his fingers down her cheek and around the back of her neck. Her lips fell slightly open, she could almost taste him. He stopped the elevator as he pulled her body against his own. Every inch of her skin was tingling with excitement from his touch. Without warning he turned with her in his grasp… With her back against the wall and his body holding her in place she couldn’t move… Couldn’t scream – even if she had wanted to, but she didn’t.

His right hand slowly caressed her left thigh moving her dress up. He lifted her as she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. She could feel his arousal as he touched her body. Warm and wet she wanted… Needed… Craved what she knew was about to happen. Then without warning his lips turned up and a wicked smile formed on this face unveiling fangs as white as snow and as sharp as blades.

She didn’t move, but smiled instead. And as quick as the lightning in the sky she pulled a sharp wooden stake out from under her dress where it had been strapped to the inside if her thigh all along. As he grabbed her neck and his teeth sank into her smooth flesh she plunged the stake through his back and deep into his heart. He drank from her… Trying to find a way to survive, yet knowing there was no chance.

His grip loosened and she slid her legs down and placed her feet back on the ground. His lifeless body slowly sank to the floor and turned to ash. She stood up casually wiped off her dress and pushed the penthouse button again. As the doors slowly opened she steps over his ashes and into the room. “It’s taken care of master. Anything else I can do for you?”

A tall muscular man more handsome than any mere human could dream to be, walked over to her and took her in his arms, “You have done well my dear. Now you must rest.” he kissed her softly on the hand and held her close as they disappeared deeper into the room. 

(c) Copyright – Nina Soden 2014