Questions Unknown…

He sat in his room avoiding his parents downstairs. It was the third time in less than a month that he had been grounded. Not really a bad boy by nature these last few months he had really changed. “I’ll set up an appointment tomorrow…” He could hear the pain in his mother’s voice. “I just don’t know what to do with him any more…” the conversations went on and on.

He could take no more… his parents would never believe! He left a note on his desk: “Sorry to do this, but you just couldn’t understand. Know I am safe and try to be strong… For I will return, and it won’t be long!” then out threw the window he jumped and once on the ground he started to run!

Into the night he began his quest. Searching for answers to questions unknown. Then there in the dark he stumbled upon it… Deep in the woods and high in the mountains… Covered by trees and guarded by wolves. They welcomed him kindly and lead him straight in…

To the leader they took him. She smiled so sweetie then asked him to dinner as she explained his past. The chosen one… Sent to guide them… Born of the blood… Not human… Not vampire… A mix of the two so strong and so fierce!

As time did pass he learned to control his emotions, cravings, desires, anger, frustration… Soon he was ready and went off on his own. To his old home where so much had changed. His parents did not wake. Into their room he could feel the tension growing inside. But, when he got there… empty… alone…

His parents were gone and only a letter remained. Welcome to the family… Now you know our secret! From out in the woods he heard them calling. Down the stairs… Out the door… Running so fast he knew just what to do. With them at his side he made his first kill.

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