Praise for AWAKEN ~ a BLOOD ANGEL novel

As you are aware… I wrote a book. Yeah, it isn’t new news but It is still pretty exciting. However, what is even more exciting is that people are reading it – AND LOVING IT!!!

But, don’t take my word for it – take theirs!



…From the opening scene to the final chapter, the
characters in this book dive onto the page and demand your attention.  Awaken’s heroine, Alee Moyer, comes into the
world under a cloud of mystery and death defying odds.  By the time she realizes what questions she
must ask, she has answers that bring her questions that she can’t begin to


…There’s vampires, witches and shape-shifters — oh my! The fun part of the story, I thought, was trying to figure out which characters were morphing into which and how the changes were going to affect their relationships with each other… [READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE]

Once you have read the reviews and are SUPER EXCITED to read the book… get your own copy at one of the following sites

BookTango Amazon Barnes & NobleBooks on BoardKobo Sony

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4 thoughts on “Praise for AWAKEN ~ a BLOOD ANGEL novel

    • You know, I wasn’t sure I would ever make it to the finished product – and who really knows if it is finished, but I published and I am VERY proud of what I have accomplished. I believe that anyone can do what they set their mind to… and if you want to finish a book – YOU WILL! Just stick with it because it isn’t an easy road, and those people out there that say it is easy don’t live in the real world of full-time jobs, kids, carpool, birthday parties every other weekend, cleaning the house, laundry, children’s sleepovers, and everything else that clogs up the day! STICK WITH IT! It is very rewarding in the end.


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