Cover Reveal – Beginnings ~ a Blood Angel novel

I am so excited to reveal the cover for BEGINNINGS the second book in my Blood Angel series, which has an expected release date of early 2013 (maybe sooner).


Ever since her funeral, seventeen-year-old Alee Moyer has discovered there is a whole new side to her sweet little town. In her new identity as Aleerah Wenham, she has had to learn to accept that the horror movies she grew up watching weren’t all make-believe, and that life isn’t always as simple as she might hope but can be a lot more exciting.

Theres a new boy at school that has her heart skipping a beat and questioning her feelings for her boyfriend Kyle, but is he really who he says he is or is there more to his story too?

Read the story that started it all AWAKEN by Nina Soden available now online!

Links: BookTango Amazon – Barnes & NobleBooks on Board – Kobo – Sony

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