It’s Friday night, and while so many people are out on the town for a date-night of dinner and a movie I’m going to be home cuddling on my couch with a cozy blanket, my laptop and a glass of wine. That might not sound great to you, but to me it sounds divine!

The thing is I love date-night with my hubby, but I rarely set aside time for just me. So, with that in mind, that is exactly what I am going to do tonight. After I get the kids to sleep the television will be turned off and I will be in the zone… the WRITING ZONE! Which, brings me back to the title of this post [Goal… #WRITING] My goal for tonight’s writing session is 4 chapters in BEGINNINGS the second book in the Blood Angel series! What is the Blood Angel series you ask… VERY GOOD QUESTION. The Blood Angel series is my first YA novel series. It all started with AWAKEN, which I published at the end of July 2012 and it continues with BEGINNINGS which I hope to publish later this year, or early 2013. You can check out the Blood Angel Series Facebook Page and read all about it.

I might be able to do more, depending on how late I can get myself to stay up, but I’m trying to be realistic. I’d like to say that I am one of those authors that can pump out 5000 words a day, but unfortunately I have a full-time job, two kids, and a house to take care of. That leave little time for me to just be the author me. Its to bad someone hasn’t come along and offered to pay me to write all day – that would be great!!! Hint Hint!!! So, for now, I will be happy with the little amount of time I do get to write, and I will focus on my small successes, and tonight I am hoping for that to be 4 chapters.

Wish me luck, and enjoy your evening – no matter how you end up spending it.

5 thoughts on “Goal… #WRITING

      • Trust me… 15,982 is not a normal day for me. Normally I am running around trying to chase kids, clean the house, make dinner, finish working, and then eventually about one night a week I can squeeze in an hour to write. With book two coming out soon… I really need to get more than just one hour a week. 🙂
        Good luck to you.


  1. Okay… well I didn’t get to my goal of 4 chapters, but my final word count for the night was 15,982. I’m pretty proud of myself, and I plan to do that fourth chapter today. Seeing as I normally only write on Sundays – I have made some good progress this week.

    So, my writing advice to you – Make word count or chapter count goals for yourself. Even if you don’t meet them all the time – as long as you tried your best you’re going to see progress!

    Have fun, and happy writing 🙂


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