AWAKEN ~ a Blood Angel novel – 1st Quarter Sales

As you all know, I wrote a book.

Awaken - Cover

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AWAKEN, is the first book in my Blood Angel series, and it was published on July 29th of this year, which only gave me two months to sell during my first quarter in the published world.

How did AWAKEN do?

Well, I sold some books! That’s a start. I just got my quarterly earnings report and I was so happy to see that I sold twenty-three copies in the first two months. Yeah, I know twenty-three copies isn’t going to get me on the best sellers list, but for someone who started this just for fun as a creative outlet the fact that I sold even one book made me happy.

I just wanted to say think you to the twenty-three people out there that cared enough to buy my book. I hope you enjoyed it, and that you are looking forward to book number two, BEGINNINGS!

Beginnings is currently with the editor undergoing what I hope is its final round of edits, but you never know. The plan is to have Beginnings out on the online virtual bookshelves early 2013, but stay tuned to for updates.


For those of you that haven’t picked up your copy yet please do. I am a firm believer in supporting the arts, artists, and anyone trying to make their place in the world. If you feel the same way, please click on one of the links below and GET YOUR COPY TODAY:

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Follow me to learn more and find out exciting new updates as I complete BEGINNINGS book 2 of the Blood Angel series:

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