November 2012 – 30 Days of Thankfulness

So, like so many other people out there I gave thanks throughout the month of November. 30 days of thankfulness to be exact. Now looking back on the long month of giving thanks I wanted to reflect on everything I was and still am thankful for… to remember it for all time. Who knows, maybe next year my list will be the same – maybe not.

Day one (1) – I’m thankful for my beautiful children and their contagious laughter that always makes me smile. I don’t ever think a day goes by that I am not thankful for this!

Day two (2) – I’m thankful for my husband who works so hard to provide for our family.

Day three (3) – I’m thankful for The Little Gym and how much fun my kids have during gymnastics! They have both really taken to it, and the amount of confidence it gives them is inspiring.

Day four (4) – I’m thankful for Starbucks coffee, which got me through my day. More than just that day – but many others.

Day five (5) – I’m thankful for the ablation that has allowed me to be period/PMS free for the last 4.5 year! I think this one speaks for itself.

Day six (6) – I’m thankful to be alive. Today I am filled with sadness and loss but I am still thankful for life.

Day seven (7) – I’m thankful for the quiet time I get when I close my eyes at night and shut out the world and all my stress.

Day eight (8) – I’m thankful for hugs, big and small.

Day nine (9) – I’m thankful for… Yeah I can’t think of anything. To tired I guess, I’ll try again later. This was a bad day.

Day nine (9) – Take Two – I’m thankful for mommy timeout! Not for the kids but for me to think about me and only me.

Day ten (10) – I’m thankful for Big Time Rush which provides me with a half hour of quiet time on Saturday morning!

Day eleven (11) – I’m thankful for Sci-Quest hands on science fun, and a day of kid friendly fun.

Day twelve (12) – I’m thankful for my dad, a veteran who proudly served his country! I love you daddy.

Day thirteen (13) – I’m thankful for the hour of silence I got while getting my nails done. I needed and deserved it – Even if only I think so. 🙂

Day fourteen (14) – I’m thankful that I was raised knowing how to ask for help when I need it and give it when others need it.

Day fifteen (15) – I’m thankful that my contract audit only happens once every few years.

Day sixteen (16) – I’m thankful that tomorrow is Saturday and I get time with my babies.

Day sixteen (16) – AGAIN – I’m thankful to be a woman! We can be strong and independent and yet pretty, soft, and full of emotions too.

Day seventeen (17) and eighteen (18) – I just don’t know, I guess I’m thankful for good intentions.

Day nineteen (19) – I’m thankful that I have a job and an income that can help my family not only live but enjoy life.

Day twenty (20) – I’m thankful for the beautiful amazing sweet baby boy God gave me 5 years ago today!

Day twenty-one (21) – I’m thankful for a day of holiday baking with my mom and daughter. It was just as good as when I was little.

Day twenty-two (22) – I’m thankful for my friends and family and to have them around for the holidays.

Day twenty-three (23) – I’m thankful for leftover pie after a long day of shopping.

Day twenty-four (24) – I’m thankful that my children love me unconditionally and forgive my poor cooking skills.

Day twenty-five (25) – I’m thankful for quiet Sundays with my family.

Day twenty-six (26) – I’m thankful to be celebrating my 37th birthday because the alternative would not be as good.

Day twenty-seven (27) – I’m thankful for the living-room tables that were finally delivered today after 4 months of waiting.

Day twenty-eight (28) – I’m thankful for RELAX Riesling Wine!

Day twenty-nine (29) – I’m thankful to be able to work from home so I can volunteer at my kids’ school from time to time.

Day thirty (30) – I’m thankful for family. Mine is very supportive and encouraging of everything I do even my crazy ambitions.


So, that was my month of thankfulness. I could probably do a year – because I give thanks every morning and every evening – but, I won’t bore you with all of that.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that your December holidays (which ever you celebrate) are full of family, fun, food, and friends!


Happy Holidays to All!

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