New Adventure – UPDATE

OK… there have been some set backs. Yes, the first book in my new series (still unnamed) was already with the beta-readers, however, I will not meet my goal of getting it to the professional editor by the end of November as I had hoped. BECAUSE – two of my three beta-readers have not yet had time to read! Yup, like I said, I knew my goal list was a little ambitious and that it was all dependent on the schedules of other people. However, I didn’t really think it would take this long for my beta-readers to start reading. Maybe I need to find new beta-readers (insert sad face here).

Nina Soden


On September 12th I announced that I was starting a new adventure in my writing. I had begun writing a new story on September 3rd. My goal was to have the first draft completed by the end of the month (September). Well, that didn’t happen BUTI did complete the first draft by October 3rd which works for me.

My process has been slightly different for this book. I’m working on my document in the cloud! I feel like there should be a drum roll or something when I say that. Anyway, I have three beta-readers that always do my initial content/grammar edits and since I was working in the cloud I was able to share the document for editing purposes. I am so excited to announce that not only am I done with my first draft, but one of my editors has completed her read/review/edit/etc. and I have already…

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