New: Final Ships In the Neighborhood

Recently I participated in a short story compilation called

Final Ships In the Neighborhood (Giant Tales Apocalypse 10-Minute Stories Book 2).

Final Ships


Book Description: 

Set in the future, an apocalyptic event has wiped out ships on Earth. Authors were asked to write a short story including a mysterious ship, an appointment, and a rock or asteroid. This is Book 2 from the Giant Tales Apocalypse series. Each story is about 10-minutes long. Genres include thriller, fantasy, light science fiction, suspense, action, and adventure.

My Story: END GAME

End Game by Nina Soden

My story ‘End Game’ is the first of eighteen 10-minutes stories in the book. I do hope you’ll check out the book and tell me what you think of my story!

Authors with the book include:

H.M. Schuldt, Nina Soden, Stephanie Baskerville, Timothy Paul, Lynette White, Randy Dutton, Joyce Shaughnessy, Randall Lemon, Gail Harkins, Andy McKell, Laura Stafford, Christian Freed, Shae Hamrick, Amos Parker, Andrea Luquesi Scott, JD Mitchell, JZ Murdock, and Robert Tozer

New: Final Ships In the Neighborhood.

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