What’s in your MEDIA KIT?

So, as an author, one of your greatest tools is your media kit.


At least that is what I have been told. A media kit is a marketing tool used to sell not only your book(s) but yourself – as an author. Remember – You are not gearing your media kit to readers, your media kit is designed to attract potential agents, publishers, book retailers and interviewers (bloggers, radio, magazine, newspaper, etc.). I have read many – MANY – articles about what an author should include in a media kit. Everything from author head-shots with bios to full-length copies of your printed books. I have weeded through all the information I have found and have settled on the following list of items I plan to include in my media kit.

….Drum Roll Please….

Nope… wait a second. I’d like an opinion first. I had thought about doing two media kids. Why? I’m not really sure. Actually, I am but I’m not sure if my reasoning is sound. I was thinking that because I have written more than one book – and of those books there are two different series – I should have two media kits. In order to sell myself properly, I thought that maybe there was a need to have a media kit specifically designed for each of my book series (the Blood Angel Series and the SECTOR C Series). I have decided to move forward with just one media kit for now, but if you are an author, with media kit experience, please chime in and tell me if you think the right move is one comprehensive media kit or two series media kits.

OK – Now I’m Read

….Drum Roll Please…

Below I list what I plan to include in my media kit… No, it is not complete yet, but it is on my ‘TO DO LIST’! Lets call it a goal for the coming months. (preferably by the end of 2nd Quarter 2015)

Nina Soden, Author Media Kit

  • Author Information Sheet – with photo, bio, contact information, and social media site information
  • Blood Angel Series – Information Sheets/Press Release Information
    • Awaken (book 1) One Sheet and Treatment
    • Beginnings (book 2) One Sheet and Treatment
    • Revenge (book 3) One Sheet and Treatment
  • SECTOR C Series – Information Sheets
    • The Chosen (book 1) One Sheet and Treatment
    • The Hunted (book 2) One Sheet and Treatment (to be included after the book is completed and in the editing phase)
  • Copies of Reviews of each book (not sure how many to include just yet or how long this should be)
  • Bookmarks and Postcards with my book covers
  • Q&A about myself and both of my series (this can be used for bloggers to assist in writing articles or for those wishing to conduct interviews)
  • Color copies of each of the book covers
  • Target Market Information (who my readers are!)

So, what do you put in your author media kit? I’d love to know, please share in the comments section below.

17 thoughts on “What’s in your MEDIA KIT?

  1. Great post, and important. I also have a list of Bookclub Questions for each of my books in mine. The questions can help interviewers choose what to ask as the questions sum up the books’ themes well, and can encourage people who want to use your books for clubs or invite you to book talks and events. 🙂


    • Lisa, I love the idea of including a list of Bookclub Questions. I hadn’t thought of that, but I think it is a wonderful addition. I actually have a list of Bookclub Questions in the back of Revenge (the third book in my Blood Angel Series), but I think it would work in a media kit too. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I knew I needed a media kit, but had no idea what to include. Now, there’s a foundation to start with.

    I do have a question about the information sheets – what do you include on those? Synopsis or descriptions? And what are Bookclub Questions?

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    • The information sheets I have for my books include: Cover, title, tag line, short description, purchase information (ISBN, Number of pages, Cost, where to buy it), author photo with 1-2 sentences about me, and then short clips from reviews.

      Bookclub Questions are just questions that can be used for discussion starters after a bookclub group has read the book.

      Hope this helps.

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    • That is a great questions. The last one I did included the date of the book release, quotes from reader reviews, short book synopsis, and my author bio. Hope that helps. I tried to attach a copy to this response, but it wouldn’t let me. 😦

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