The 777 Challenge


Jonas Lee, the awesome SciFi author of A Time to ReapA Time to Live, and the hopefully soon to be released A Time to Die has so kindly tagged me in the 777 Challenge. The point of the challenge is to share seven lines from the seventh page of your current work-in-progress then tag seven writers to do the same. I’m sharing a portion of The Hunted, the 2nd book in my SECTOR C Series. It’s a conversation going between the Sector Leader, Councilman Remy, and the rest of the Council members.

“We are all well aware of what the child is,” Remy said.

I’m not a child! I decided not to argue, though. I was already in enough trouble—besides, it wouldn’t have done me any good.

“What she is capable of is still undetermined. We have all heard Britt’s testimony, and although I have respected her opinion in the past, in this situation I do not agree with her recommendations. I also feel that she is no longer capable of maintaining an unbiased assessment of the situation.” Serenity became restless, turned away, and leaned against the far wall. She was struggling not to argue her point again. “This is not the first murder we have covered up in Sector C and I am confident it will not be the last.”

Serenity couldn’t stop herself. “Sir, you can’t possibly—”

Writers I have selected to play:

Heather Marie Schuldt

Shelley Workinger

Shayla Lee Raquel

Jennifer Bolling-Johnson

Stephanie Nett

Anita Merando

Tammy Spruill



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