September 2015 In Review

September came and went with little effort on my part. That is, I felt like it flew by before I was even able to make it productive. However, it wasn’t as much of a fail as August so I will take it as a win. 🙂

Without further ado, let us take a look at the raw data.


  • Blog Posts – 6 (Exactly what I was shooting for! GO ME!)
  • Fiction Writing – Throughout September I completed the final rounds of editing on SECTOR C ~ The Hunted. The Beta Readers had their way with the manuscript and I sent it off to be published. I am excited to say it will be available in paperback and eBook at the end of October.


  • Reading:
    • QBQ! The Question Behind the Question: Practicing Personal Accountability at Work and in Life by John G. Miller
  • Finished:
    • GREY by EL James.




  • SECTOR C ~ The Hunted – Book 2 of the SECTOR C Series will be out October 31st.
  • Author Event- I will be attending the Rocket City Nerd Con in October 2015 and will have copies of all of my books available for purchase.
  • YA FICTION NEWSLETTER – The 2nd installment of my quarterly newsletter all about young adult fiction will be out sometime in November. It will include reading suggestions, reviews, author tips, etc. I hope you will sign up and join the mailing list (I WILL NOT SPAM) to check it out. I will also be doing Newsletter Subscriber Giveaways too. Sign up by clicking HERE .

I’ve linked to all of my social media sites throughout this post, so please help my numbers grow in August!! Friend, Like, Subscribe, and as always, please share my posts with your friends. Lastly, thank you to anyone who follows me and especially to those of you who have read through this entire post. I know it was long, but I think we all need a little accountability in our life. Putting everything out there, is how I hope to keep myself motivated to do all this marketing stuff everyone keeps telling me I need to do.

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