I’ve Been Busy…

It has been a while, I know. I’d love to give you some great excuse, tell you I’ve been on a state by state author tour, but its nothing like that. I have been writing though, and I’m so excited to announce my two latest projects:

The Invisible You: 52 Weeks of Meditation, Activities, and Writing Prompts to Help you Discover YOU! (NOW AVAILABLE)




A 52 week guide to meditation, journaling, and therapeutic coloring to help you connect with the Invisible You – your True Self!



So You Want to Write A Book: An Indie Author Guide to Outlining And Planning Your Next Novel (NOW AVAILABLE)


Being an Indie Author is exciting, but it isn’t easy! This guide is designed to help get you through the process of outlining and planning your novel.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Summarizing your Story
  • Planning your Plot
  • Creating a Skeleton Outline
  • Character Development
  • Scene Development
  • Setting Development
  • Story Development
  • Dealing with Writer’s Block
  • Self-Publishing 101

Interested in getting your copy, or copies for a friend? Both books are available on Amazon, click on the titles above to be taken directly to their purchase page and order today!


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