Organization to Increase Productivity for People who Work from Home!


Is your desk/home office messy or clean?

Mine gets messier the more projects I’ve added to my plate – the more I say YES! However, even though I feel creative in piles of stuff… I’ve always found it more difficult to get “work” done when my office is a mess. Actually, the status of my house (messy or clean) can affect my productivity. So, cleaning/straightening my house and home office at the end of every day is a priority. 

I wanted to know more about how clutter vs. organization can affect productivity, and I found some interesting statistics:

  • 25% of people save things in piles instead of files. I do this too, but WHY? Why don’t we just take care of things as they come across our desk instead of piling them up? Sure, I get those things that can’t be taken care of right away, but other things… such as notes that just need to be typed, or documents that need to be filed… why do I – or you – leave those to pile up?
  • 80% of what gets filed away NEVER GETS LOOKED AT AGAIN! WHAT? Why am I even filing it in the first place? Do I really need a paper copy, or would an electric copy work just as well? 

Einstein once said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

HMMM… good question Einstein!

OK, what is my point? I decided that in order to tackle the clutter and get organized to increase my productivity – I needed a plan. I love plans!  I decided to tackle the whole house – not just my office – to prevent the distractions caused by the little messes I notice walking from one room to the next throughout the day.

Get organized and increase your overall productivity in 20 Days! 

  1. Set up a donation station and take detailed before photos
  2. Files cabinets – Toss out old client/project files that are over 7 years old
  3. Office/Desk drawers – You don’t need 50 different pens, pick your 5 favorite and get rid of the rest. The same goes for pencils and highlighters. If your drawers are overloaded with office supplies, consider donating extras to the local school – teachers are always in need, or you can create a cute storage bin just for supplies keeping only what fits.
  4. Closet clothing – Declutter by purging items that have holes or stains, anything you haven’t worn in the previous 12 months and clothing that doesn’t fit properly.
  5. Dresser drawers – Declutter by purging items that have holes or stains, anything you haven’t worn in the previous 12 months and clothing that doesn’t fit properly.
  6. Towels and blankets – Get rid of all towels and blankets with holes or stains. Donate all towels and blankets that don’t match your current room decorations – keeping one or two to use during kids sleepovers.
  7. Laundry Room – Sweep under and around your washer and dryer. Then clear out cabinets and/or shelves of items you no longer use. Still storing old paint cans under your sink or replacement tiles for the 5-year-old flooring? PURGE THEM! If you haven’t used it in the last 12 months – GET RID OF IT!
  8. Shoes/Scarves/hats – You only need one winter scarf and hat per kid – donate the rest. In terms of shoes you can never have to many. lol. No, but seriously, if they don’t fit – toss them. If they are broken – toss them. If they are damaged or scuffed up – toss them. If you haven’t worn them in the last 12 months – toss them. You get the picture, right?
  9. Jackets and Bags – The essentials are simple; 1 winter coat, 1 spring coat and 1 formal coat. When it comes to bags – toss them if they have holes, stains, or have been out of style since the 80s. NO JEAN PURSES ALLOWED! Also, do you need 10 suitcases and 6 overnight bags? Probably not, so donate those too. One suitcase and one overnight bag per person living in the house is usually all you’ll need.
  10. Books/DVDs/Video Games – I hoard books, but I’m trying to get better. DVDs… donate those, everything is going digital anyway. Video games – keep the ones that are age appropriate for your kids and husband lol… anything they don’t play any more, donate.
  11. Cleaning Products – Check the expiration date on all your cleaning products and toss anything that has expired! You’ll also want to toss any empty bottles you find, and any products you haven’t used in the last 4 months.
  12. Toiletries – Do you have a bunch of old skin care products, makeup, half empty toothpaste tubes, etc. cluttering your linen closet and bathroom drawers? TOSS IT ALL! Just kidding… toss everything that is expired first. Then, go through everything and toss what you haven’t used in the last 2 months. Out of everything that is left, make a plan to use those items and replace them only after completely gone! *Side note – if you’ve hoarded lots of cheap and expensive skin care that never worked for you… I can help. I sell the #1 skincare brand in North America. Want to know more? Message me!
  13. Refrigerator (Surface and Interior) – Clutter covering the top, sides, and front of your refrigerator can leave your whole kitchen looking messy. Get rid of it all!!! Now, open it up and toss any expired foods – typically condiments, sauces, and dairy products – but check everything! Then toss last weeks left overs – You never had any intension of eating them anyway. Wipe down shelves and drawers and organize so you can see everything clearly.
  14. Pantry – Purge all expired items, organize like items together, and put kid friendly snacks closer to the bottom where your littles can reach them.
  15. Dishes/cups/Tupperware – You don’t need 50 different water bottles… pick your favorites and purge the rest! This goes for dishes, cups, Tupperware, reusable straws, utensils, etc.
  16. Gadgets and small appliances – Why are you keeping your old iPhone 4 when you just upgraded to the 8? Old phones, computers, gadgets, even appliances can be donated to shelters, and other organizations – just make sure you clear your personal information off first.
  17. Surfaces – clear off and dust all bedroom night stands and dressers, tables, and countertops throughout the house. Don’t just hide things in drawers either.
  18. Kitchen/Bathroom drawers – We all have junk drawers, but do we really need 10 of them? NO! Go through your kitchen and bathroom drawers to reduce clutter. Toss out broken pencils, card decks that are missing cards, and receipts you forgot you even kept, etc.
  19. Floors – Its time to sweep, vacuum, mop, and/or steam clean…
  20. Drop off donations and take after photos

OK, I’ve shared my plan with you… what tips do you have for getting organized and increasing productivity? Comment below with your best organizational tip!

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