From Destructive Chaos To Inspired Creativity… My Writing Space!

This WAS my work/writing space…


I was stuck in the corner, at a tiny desk, surrounded by TOTAL CHAOS! On top of being an author, I have kids, work a full-time job, own my own skincare business (Check out my website here), and am active in local theatre (directing and acting) when I have the time.


My home office was somehow supposed to keep me organized in all aspects of my daily life (Full-Time Job – Director of Contracts, Mom – and all the carpools/activities that includes, Theatre, and of course WRITING). Instead, my office became a storage unit for everything and anything that didn’t have a home throughout our house. To say the office space was hard to work in would be an understatement. To say the office space was hard to write in would be like calling the grand canyon just a hole.

I decided to make a change… I set out on a mission to make my writing space more productive!

I started with the closet, which was filled from floor to ceiling with clutter! No before picture of that, sorry, but it would have scared you away!

Things got worse before they got better.



 Slowing, I started to see some improvement. It started by completely emptying out my office. Everything was touched. Every piece of paper, every container, every pencil… etc. You get the point. As I moved everything from my office to my dining room I PURGED! I threw things out, I took bags and boxes of things to Goodwill, I PURGED everything and anything I couldn’t find a need for.


My desk was way to small, so I decided a DIY desk – Pinterest style – was what I needed. I purchased 2 black 2 drawer file cabinets and headed to Lowes for some wood. They cut the wood there, which is perfect because I don’t own a saw. One of my friends came over to teach me the beauty of ModPodge. We attached a beautiful red and white fabric to the wood and that became my desktop. SO FAR – I LOVED IT! Yet, looking back today I can see it was more a crafting desk than a desk for creative writing.

I still had some work to do in order to create some shelving space on top of the desk… and A LOT more work to organize the rest of the room, but I was seeing progress!

This project started back in October 2016… I started writing this post in January 2017, I think. In the end… I ended up just gutting the room and boxing everything up and starting over in a new office – in a new house.

No, we didn’t move simply because I couldn’t get my office together, it was just time. The fact that I couldn’t get my office together reflected solely on my lack of time and my inability to say ‘no’. If I had said ‘no’ a little more often, I would have had more time!


Here is a picture of how my office looks today… I LOVE IT! It is an open, creative, work environment and there is space for everything I need. Sure, I still need a great chair, but I do love this space.

* * * * * 

What does your work/writing space look like? Post comments and photos below and share your secrets to keeping your space creatively organized. 




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